Identify and protect yourself from Spiritual Predators

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When you begin your spiritual journey and as you progress on it, there will be times when you will feel alone, longing for acceptance, for guidance, for validation and for a group of likeminded people with whom you can discuss things that are relvant and important for you.

These can be great opportunities to get and offer support and assistance, but they can also create openings for what I have called “Spiritual Predators”.

By listening to this recording from time to time, you will be able to check if you have fallen prey to such a predator and equally important to make sure you did not unconsciously become one, in case your Ego has hijacked your journey.

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I hope this latest class contains the information and tools you need to move you forward fearlessly through your personal empowerment journey 🙂

In joylightlove,

  – Inelia

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