If you GET this statement, then you belong at WWMN

Below is an answer I gave to a question posted at WWMN ten months ago. Even if you are not the “group kind” type of person, who most at WWMN are not, there are ten years of these types of discussions on our forum to read through and get your teeth into.

“1. Yes. The soul is experiencing the physical Universe with a body. Without a body, it cannot do it.

2. The souls are bits of “their” universe not the “physical universe”. A difference between the two is the subtleness or solidity of expression. One can say that a soul is indeed a body also, but it is very, very subtle. So subtle, in fact, that it cannot really experience this more solid Universe, nor affect it. But with a body, it can do both. Both bodies and souls are made of frequency expressed in different levels of solidity.

I would also add that at this level of conversation we are talking about “universes” and not “matrixes” of “illusion”.

Are you the type of person who “groks” (understands) this type of conversation? Then become a WalkWithMeNow.com member today. Enough said.

If you get excited about the discussion, then you found your tribe.

On our podcast, link here, we will be discussing three of our favorite discussions each at WWMN. It was tough to choose them as the level of awareness and discussion is so freaking amazing.


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