I’m so done with this.

Have you been feeling the same? Are you DONE with this bs? Or maybe you are feeling you are done with a particular relationship, or your job, or the place you live at, or the Government, or… or… or… 

Well, no surprise there, huh? 

But, actually, there is a surprise to this feeling. And the surprise is that this “I am done with this” feeling is being ARTIFICIALLY MANUFACTURED, and TRANSMITTED to make you give up and leave.

This feeling has swept through the planet before. Sometimes it is closely followed by non-sequitur thoughts of suicide. Non-sequitur in the way that a person who has never had those thoughts, suddenly has them. Also in a way that a person may be thinking about the sunset one second and suicide the next. Or someone who is walking on a sidewalk suddenly thinking about walking in front of a speeding car.

I have talked about this before, and just like then, I would ask you to not give any importance or energy to these thoughts. I would ask you to dismiss them as soon as you get them, and, now that you know that you are not the only one getting them, and that they are not naturally your thoughts to begin with, dismissing them will be easy.

I would also ask you, instead of feeding these thoughts with energy, to start actively looking at what you can co-create here on Earth that is in the level of “a beautiful dream come true” to you.

Also, I want to tell you that there is something coming, something that is already being implemented, that will create a massively negative wave of emotion on the planet and that you must not, under any circumstances, drown in that wave.

You are on the planet right now, and reading this, because you chose to embody the high-frequency New Paradigm for us all. That is why you cannot allow yourself to fall for the negative wave that’s coming. 

“Another negative wave?” You may ask. Yes. The feeling of “I am done with this” is the first indication of it.

It appears, and I have been given some evidence of its truth by what is appearing in the media these days, that everyone on Earth will realize what is really happening and what is the agenda behind the plandemic and injections. It appears that no matter what the person chose regarding the split, and what level of awareness they are in, they will be told that the plandemic was designed to intentionally hurt or eliminate them. This disclosure is not “the truth is coming to light”, but more like the second act in a movie, where the truth hurts, and hurts BIG.  

This will create a wave of negative emotion so powerful on Earth that it will affect reality itself. 

It is our job, as light-workers, to stand strong in our light as this is happening. 

It is our job not to get dragged into this wave but to continue building our societal structures, projects, develop our reconnection skills and concentrate on what we are here to do: embody the new paradigm.

That is why I am telling you about the “I am done with this” feeling. It is the first feeling you must not indulge in, but must instead move out of. Think of it as practice. Become very good at it.  

This feeling, this energy, is one of many low-frequency indicators of our realities splitting. All you have to do, to stay on the high-frequency side, is to respond in a conscious way rather than react to these negative emotions. 

RESPOND RATHER THAN REACT to these emotions. Don’t let these low frequency emotions drive you to a reaction that feeds the beast. Instead, respond in a way that makes your beautiful dreams come true.

You will feel what is happening on the planet, that is a guarantee. But what you do with those feelings will be critical to the long term outcome of reality on Earth. This is the physical manifestation of the split. Stay rooted, grounded, focused like a laser on the frequency of Gaia not the frequency ‘on’ Gaia as the splitting continues.  

If you are not yet using it, go immediately to the Fear Processing Exercise. Learn how to use it with all low frequency energies, thoughts and emotions. And then simply choose to be a creator of peace and beautiful experiences, rather than a “fighter for freedom”. Fighting is their playing field, their strength (“their” meaning the low frequency workers). Don’t fall for it.

Don’t isolate yourself or think you are the only one feeling these things, or the only one who has the job of creating our new experience on Earth. We are the high-frequency human collective. Our job is no longer to “improve my life” or “my spiritual growth”, it is that we “improve our lives” and “we grow spiritually together”. One isolated enlightened person alone can do nothing to steer this reality matrix in the light direction. 2.8 billion will.

That’s it! 


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