Impeccable Intention and our Capacity to Manifest

Manifestation of our “wishes” is becoming more and more instant.  The choreography of Universal support to our desired outcomes is more powerful every day.

Younger children, teenagers, and young adults, seem to be able to manifest much faster than we did at their age, or, in many cases, us now.

That’s because they don’t have the same programs we were injected with, they are growing up in a higher vibrational environment, and “manifestation” is in their every day vocabulary.

Impeccability rocket fuels our manifestation capacities.  But how do we achieve a state of impeccability?  What does impeccability even mean?

According to Marriam-Webster (dictionary), impeccability means, “not capable of sinning or liable to sin”, and “free from fault or blame; flawless”. The origin of the word is “Latin impeccabilis, from in- + peccare to sin”.

To sin, in most languages, means “missing the target”, or a “separation from the law of God.”

Translated into non religious language, this basically means veering away from our Higher Self. Veering away from our core essence energy, which is Light/Love.

How do we know if we are being impeccable? Well, if we are thinking of something we want in our lives, but it has any lower vibrational thoughts, emotions, or physical reactions, it is the emotion that will be manifested.

Anything that doesn’t quite resonate “right” in our physical and emotional bodies, is “separate from our higher self”.

Therefore, if we want a large, beautiful, house because we want to “show them how we really are better than them,” whomever “them” are, we manifest poverty. Or we want to find our “soul mate” because we are extremely lonely and can’t stand the thought of another visit to the movie theater alone. We manifest “lonely”.  Some of the loneliest people I have met are living with a significant other.

And sometimes we want to manifest things because we are taught that those are the right things to have in order to be “happy”.

Most lower vibrational “reasons” attached to our goals and wishes, are based on fear or need. And many times, the hidden reasons for us not to manifest are also fear, or need.

Sometimes we can be afraid to manifest things, especially money or healthy relationships, because we are afraid we will “abuse power”, and sometimes it is because we are afraid we will “lose it” afterward. And sometimes it is because “we are not ready to commit” to the response-ability of it. I recently experienced this last one myself!

What can we do?

  1. Make a list of three things you want to manifest very quickly. It could be something physical, part of our environment, a type of human relationship to end or start, an emotional change, anything at all.
  2. Decide on which one is the most important to you.
  3. Ask yourself if this is “your own” desire. If you get a “no”, ask your body if it is “her/his desire”. (If you are having difficulty communicating with your body, get the Ascension101 Course and do the “Reconnecting with the Physical Body Exercise” for the next 21 days.)
  4. Ask yourself “why” you/your body want it. Take a look at the answer, is it fear based? Is it “need” based? Process it.
  5. Ask yourself “why” you/your body want it, again, and see what the core energy is of that response. If it is a lower vibration, process it. And repeat until there are no more answers.
  6. Once there are no more answers, the final answer is usually, “because I want to be happy”.
  7. Manifest a state of joy in your physical, mental and emotional bodies right now. Gratitude for something wonderful in your life is a great way to go into a state of joy.
  8. Once you are in complete joy, you are free. Once you are free, you can revisit the thing you want to manifest and see if you “need it” now, or not.
  9. Once you no longer “need it”, or have any negative vibrations attached to it, you are home free.

Basically what we are doing here is removing the manifestation item from our lower vibration (separation from Source), and putting it squarely inside Source (love/light).

We manifest with our physical, emotional and mental bodies. If they are in “need”, “fear”, “anger”, or any other type of energy that is not joy, light, love, they will manifest the emotions and situations we “believe” are possible.

We create the fifth dimension, we create the physical world, we create what happens in our lives. We have been doing so since we were born, but unconsciously. We do it based social rules, and programs such as fears, needs, and the illusion of lack. What we accomplish with the exercises above, is that we start creating our world consciously. That is the only difference! We become aware of the process, and we consciously manifest.

The higher our vibration, and the more in touch we are with our body, emotions and mind, the faster we can manifest a fantastic reality, not just for ourselves, but for the entire human collective.

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