Inelia is writing a new book, have an exclusive peek!

Hello Visitor,

Inelia is working now on a new book. If you’ve enjoyed Interview with an Alien, you will be thrilled by this one!

Here is what Inelia wrote about it:

“Like the first book, “Interview with an Alien”, this book is also a novel. Sometimes, the best way, safest way, to release classified/hidden information into the human collective is via fictional works. My intent is that I finish this novel within the next two months, and that it breaks into our mass media, or better. It’s success will ensure that the message of empowerment reaches the masses in a format that can be easily “digested” by them. It will also provide a source of income, chi, that will empower us here to be able to deliver more direct forms of global empowerment in an easy and effective way.

I’m going to post a teaser here, below. The reason is that I would like you to read it and process any negativity that comes up for you with regard the book’s success, and reach the place where we KNOW that it will be read, or watched, by billions around the planet and bring forth amazingly positive results for us as a species.”

For Your Eyes Only! You will find attached to this email a copy of the first draft of the first chapter of the book. Enjoy!

In joy/light/love,

  – The Ascension101 Team

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