Is it all about killing Short Term Memory?

The information on this article can send us quickly spinning into a victim/aggressor cycle. Therefore take this into consideration, and understand that if you do fall into it, or high levels of righteousness, this is not the point of the article. The point is to explore a possible item we would be better served becoming aware of, rather than have no clue about it.

Larry sent me a link to a video by Cliff High called, “Defend your Hippo”. In this video, Cliff goes into great detail on how short-memory works via the hippocampus, and how the hippocampus is being attacked at a global scale with the injection of aluminum and other metals and chemicals that atrophy this area of the brain in order to easily control the masses.

He mentions areas of the brain and where memories are kept and how those areas of the brain are being damaged in various ways. This is fascinating information. I have to agree that the effect of damaging these areas of the brain does affect our memories. But, unlike him, I do not think that memories are stored in those areas of our brain. I don’t think memories are stored in the brain at all. BUT those areas are mechanically, at a very fine frequency level, the areas that are used to access our memories.

So, although his theory on how this is happening is not quite right to me, the result is the same: 

Loss of memory.

His thesis is that by removing short term memory from our senses, stopping it from going into the long term memory banks, a person cannot properly judge danger. As they cannot judge danger, evil doings, such as killing millions of people around the world with various methods, goes “unseen”.

Let’s take this information in for a minute. The incapacity to make long term memories removes the ability to put the dots together within a linear time cycle of awareness. Putting the dots together is a process that allows us to understand a situation by piecing together different pieces of information we have gathered spatially and through time. If a whole bunch of that information is gone, we can then be fed information to fill the gaps. Or, remove the gaps altogether by filling it with forgettable and meaningless entertainment stimulation.

The loss of memory aspect of the human collective is not at all new. I have seen it since I was a tiny child. Later on in life, I saw how lies and false history, false science and false ideologies were easily inserted into our collective. I figured that we were allowing all this to happen so we could experience a light/dark paradigm. 

As we are now experiencing a split, those of us who are constantly detoxing heavy metals, eating organic, GMO-free foods, and keeping out of pharmaceuticals, can detect the loss of memory in other people around us.

Within my student groups, it was an ongoing joke that I would say something and it would be forgotten within a few minutes. This has been true my entire life. It is a tool to stay in a light/dark experience. I found out that if I repeat the same thing enough times, the person would then have “an original idea” and come up with information, in their mind, as their own personal thought or discovery.

What has amused me no end the past few months, is that my students, who are actively seeing, learning and using my tools, as well as using detoxing methods from well known experts, are now having the same experience I have had since I was born. The experience of having multiple conversations with another person, and that person forgetting they had that conversation soon afterwards.

What does this mean?

This means that using my tools works!! It works not only in expanding your awareness of reality and being able to perceive yourself and others correctly, but keeping that awareness through time and space without losing that knowledge. At a physical level of ingesting aluminum and other harmful nanoparticles through chemtrails, food, water, and how this affects memory, the person can take physical actions by correctly perceiving what is happening and finding remedies that work instead of falling victim to what “has been done to them”. 

Agreement, you see, is key in all the experiences we step into. Making conscious, informed and aware choices is paramount in us being healthy, and retaining our memories. Memories and the discernment of truth and untruth is what makes one person empowered and another a victim.

Social Media is trying to shadowban us, but thanks to your help we are reaching everyone who needs it. Please share it on all the platforms you are on and continue to get this information out there.

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