It is time to throw the baby out with the bathwater

During our wwmn monthly call for March 2018, I mentioned an energy that is now in the collective with regard discarding teachings and teachers who are not in 100% integrity. Or where their teachings don’t resonate with us 100%.

There is an energy of #metoo happening in the Earth’s human collective right now and this includes spiritual teachers. In case you are not familiar with it, the #metoo campaign is people (mostly women) speaking about the sexual abuse, exploitation or degradation they experienced (mostly) at work from men who had the power to influence their career or get them fired if they didn’t put up with it.

But when it comes to spirituality, it is more than just sexual abuse, exploitation and power over others situations that have been happening. It is also about getting trapped in low-frequency teachings and allowing low frequencies to hitch a ride on good and effective tools and teachings.

During the live call for March, I spoke a little bit about Osho, and how his entire system and school carried the line of corruption even though his teachings and books have been sanitized by his followers after his death.

In the past, I would pick up a book about a teacher or a teaching, and start reading it. Sometimes I would come to a passage, chapter or paragraph that was total BS.  Often the BS teaching was a genuine belief system that the person or teacher felt was true. In the past, I would disregard that as dirty bathwater, and continue to look for and save the “baby”.

In fact, up until now, what I have taught is that this is what we should do, search for, investigate and learn many teachings, schools of thought, spiritual / healing / empowerment dogmas, and modalities and in that search to save the baby from the bathwater.

But now we have come to a line in the sand in our reality when this is no longer good advice or even necessary.

Now our human collective, and in particular those who are awake and empowering themselves, can and are able to find teachings and teachers, dogmas and schools, modalities and thoughts that are 100% in alignment with empowerment and high frequency experiences. Teachings that are not carrying low frequency cords of corruption, fear or abuse do exist and are available now.

There are millions of teachers out there, and whether we want to learn about spirituality or mathematics, we have millions of people to choose from.  One of the ways in which we can make sure that the people we choose are in integrity is to talk about our own values, boundaries, and skills with them and see how they respond.  And when we feel that something they are saying is dissonant, to talk about it publicly. Not in the way of, “this person is full of BS”, but in a way that opens a dialogue with that person, “I feel that what you said about trees is not accurate because…”

If the response is, “you are not awake enough to see the truth”, or any other form of invalidating you or your thoughts without entering a dialogue then walk away.

If the teacher is dead and therefore their teachings are written in stone… walk away.  If their followers give you excuses about their teacher and tell you that they know he/she is out of integrity but want to save them, and your support of them and the teacher will help the teacher see the truth have great results at some point in the future… walk away.

Some months ago I mentioned a book that Larry and I had read: “The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection”  by Michael A. Singer.

I mentioned that this book was awesome but I felt that Mr Singer had not followed his dogma to the full extent of his ability. He had failed in his surrender experiment at the end. Also, that his surrender seemed to include things he didn’t want to do or found unpleasant, but for things he loved, enjoyed and wanted to do… the opposite was true? That he had to give those up even when presented to him by “the universe”?

I want to talk to you about this particular teacher and book because this is a case of looking at someone’s journey and learning from that journey.  Including what they include and what they exclude in the book.

This man’s journey and life still fascinate me, but I feel his teachings and dogmas are not something I would be interested in pursuing.

So, what is the difference between what I first wrote, throw away the baby with the water, and then telling you to read a book from a man whose teachings are not resonant to me?

The difference is that the first has a person who teaches you that the sky is green.  You look up at the sky and see it is blue. You tell the person that you see the sky as blue, not green, and they tell you that you must have glasses on because the sky is in fact green.  So, you work all your life to take off those glasses and see the real color of the sky. The total hijacking of your desire to see the world as it really is has just happened and has stopped you from pursuing an effective exploration of what the world is really like. The second has a person who talks about his search for the true color of the sky and all the tools he used to find it, and also all the things that happen to him while he was looking at the sky to see what color it was.  You look at his tools and find that no, a teapot is not a good tool to look at the sky with, but he’s not trying to convince you that it is. He is just telling you it’s the tool he used and the results he had.

There are many excellent teachers out there. And these days, these teachers using their position as teachers to exploit you in physical, energetic or spiritual ways is no longer something you have to put up with “to keep the baby and throw away the bathwater.”  Let them keep that baby and the dirty bathwater, and find yourself someone who does not require you to choose and pick or put up with unsavory things in order to learn and become skilled.

Another thing that came up as I have been looking at this, is the fact that some teachers, even when they are top notch, are not consistent. So, sometimes they may be spot on and high frequency in their work, and at others, they are totally off.

When Larry and I went on the Abraham Hicks workshop, I found several errors in her teachings. But, on the next session, she would mention those errors and clarify the “true” teaching. She also mentioned that sometimes her teachings were not accurate because she (the channel) was tired and grumpy when doing the session.  At those times, she was unable to channel true information.

What to do with someone like that? Well, she admitted it and fixed the teachings to reflect the inconsistencies. I say this is cool and I would continue to listen to what she has to say and point out erroneous teachings when I hear them.

Why? She didn’t turn around and defend her teachings by invalidating me or mine.

If someone tells me I have an erroneous belief, I become curious and want to delve into it, investigate it and discuss it at length with the person. But only if they too are interested in exploring it and are not in a position of “you are wrong and I am right”.  Sometimes it turns out that yes, I was totally off track because of lack of experience or knowledge. And sometimes it turns out that I was on track but didn’t explain my viewpoint properly and it was misinterpreted. And sometimes… well, I was just right 😉

The long and the short of it is that we no longer have to blindly follow everything someone says no matter how much we admire them or how intelligent they are or spiritually or mystically powerful they are. And that we really have to take responsibility for our own empowerment and growth and not give that power and responsibility to someone else.

I know that you are familiar with all of this, but having a black and white reminder often helps keep us on track.

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