It’s hard to release those we love

This week’s podcast goes deeply into this conversation, the conversation on how the plandemic is the physical manifestation of the split in reality we chose in 2011.

Before 2011 we, as a species on Planet Earth, were following a course of evolution which meant that we would all step out of the low-frequency power over others (POO) game and step into remembering who and what we are, remembering our capacities and abilities as instant manifestors of reality and experiencing a huge expansion both in awareness and connection to the rest of the Universe.  Our horizons were going to be pushed out into the stars, and our connection with our brethren out there reestablished.

But in 2011 there was a vote on Earth by all the beings who had originally decided to have the power over others’ game of separation and suffering. The vote was brought forward by a large number of people who said that forcing them to drop the low-frequency games was against a fundamental rule of life, “free will”. The reason being that they were not done with the power over others’ game yet and to force them to leave would be a violation of free will.

I was shocked when I looked at this “vote”. The reason I was shocked was not so much that it had been brought up, although, yes, that was disappointing, but that the vote was pushed through and the deciding group who made it pass were a very specific group of “lightworkers”.

Yup, you heard it right. The reason we are still living in a psychotic society is because lightworkers decided that they were not DONE with their “evolutionary” job of saving others. 

The word that came to me at the time, in 2011, was the word “bodhisattva”.  Bodhisattva means “An enlightened being who, out of compassion, forgoes nirvana in order to save others.”  Wrapped within this belief are things such as:

  1. Martyrdom
  2. The illusion of separation
  3. Ego gratification of the savior
  4. Victim/aggressor cycle
  5. GuiltGuild
  6. Karma (the western view of a “tooth for a tooth”)
  7. Belief that nirvana or heaven can only be achieved through pain and suffering.
  8. That pain and suffering is what makes people “better people”.

When I found out that it was lightworkers, lightbeings, who were pushing this, I was shocked. Yet, although I knew it and had seen some examples of it on the planet, the experience of it had not touched me until yesterday.

Yesterday I lost a good friend, an amazing healer, and wisdom-keeper because she decided that the “pandemic” is real, that she has had to sacrifice herself, her friendships and life to keep her fragile patients safe from Covid19. And that basically, I was not compatible with her beliefs and my beloveds and me were a danger to her and her patients.

I have advised everyone that when this happens, to simply let them go. To release them. To let them crumble. Don’t try to wake them up, bring them back to sanity because basically they “know” you are insane and dangerous.

It’s tough. I did fall for the few hours of wanting her back on track, but then realized that she was never on the same track as me. For years she has asked my advice, I give it and she hasn’t followed it. For years she has not given up alcohol, has not processed her fears and has not released power over others. 

It was still a surprise to be at the receiving end of her righteousness and passive aggressiveness. Two things I did not expect in a lightworker healer.

It brought me back to 2011 when I saw this. It was in 2011 that the energetic split happened. When the division was created and when people had a choice to awaken from the illusion of separation or to stay in the POO game.  It was painful. It hurt so much that I thought I was going to die. It was a physical pain that I could only describe as a body being physically torn in half. And then there was the emotional pain of separation, of seeing people get swallowed up in the POO.

Today, millions of people are experiencing that pain of separation as their loved ones, lightworkers, choose “fear” instead of awakened sovereignty.  My friend literally said she was “terrified” and was taking decisions from that state of fear because it was “human” to do so.

I wanted to share this experience with you, and also the podcast where Larry and I go into deep discussion over this aspect of the split, to let you know that I KNOW what you are going through. To let you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And to encourage you to know you are not wrong. But also to remind you to let them go, let those people who you love, go. Their higher selves know better than you which side of the split they are going to be on.

To support you through this time, I suggest you do the following exercise when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night.

Here is this week’s podcast where Larry and I discuss this situation in depth.

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