January Updates – so far it’s been excellent!

This week, I thought I would keep you updated on my activities and projects to support your empowerment throughout the first week of January.

First of all, our move from Facebook to Telegram has been a huge success! I would like to congratulate everyone who made the move. Our reach is already way bigger than we ever had in FB due to their censoring and algorithms, which basically made my posts invisible. With over 50,000 subscribers in FaceBook, our average was a reach of no more than 200 per post. On telegram we have just over 1000 subscribers and the reach is 100%, which means that our reach has increased by 500%. What this means to you is that you will not miss ANY of my posts. You will be able to see and comment without my posts being hidden from you, or your comments being hidden from me. Win, win!

This coming weekend, we will have a live video broadcast on YouTube and for the last time, in Facebook. If you haven’t made the move from Facebook to Telegram, I would suggest you do so now, so you will know when I do more live broadcasts as after this last one coming up, I won’t be doing them in FB anymore.  Make sure you also subscribe to my Youtube Channel and click the bell icon so that the website tells you when I go online live.

Another exciting announcement is that in the next few days, I will be releasing my latest class “Sexual Power and Manifestation.”  In this class I go into detail on the reclaiming and use of sexual energy for manifesting what you want in life.  Be aware that your sexual energy is already being used to manifest but unless you are consciously doing this yourself, it is most certainly being used by the POO brigade to feed their manifestations. Learn how they do this and how to stop them from doing it.  The class will also go into the mechanics and methods you can use by yourself or your sexual partner to harness and use your sexual power to create and manifest an amazing life on Earth.

Over at the iBenz Academy, we are ready to record, package and release the Instant Manifestation Workshop, an online, hands on workshop designed to train you to regain and use your Instant Manifestation skills. I will let you know when this is released and how and when you can join the workshop. Stay tuned!

On our podcast this week, Larry and I go into great detail about the nature of reality being frequency and energy. We discuss Dr Cowen’s podcast on harmonics, and describe our own healing stories around structured water. Yup, we cover a LOT in this podcast, so don’t miss it!