Karma and its relation to Manifestation

In February 2023, we gave a class that teaches how to escape the Cycle of Birth and Death.

Now, I have shared a lot of information about reincarnation throughout the years, and a BIG part of this is Karma.

How Karma affects birth is covered in that class. In this article, I want to give you a key component of how Karma affects your manifestation of reality on a day to day basis.

A reminder that manifestation (when we speak of it in the mass media) means getting something that we want in life through a mental focus and other conscious process. 

However, when we lift the hood on the manifestation truck, we find that it, instead, is something we do constantly, mostly unconsciously, and mostly through programming and our expectations of what reality is.

First, let’s look at some commonly known definitions of Karma.

From the internet: Karma

  1. The totality of a person’s actions and conduct during successive incarnations, regarded as causally influencing his or her destiny.
  2. The law or principle through which such influence is believed to operate.
  3. Fate or destiny resulting from one’s previous actions.

Another source: Karma

The force generated by a person’s actions held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person’s next existence.

My definition: Karma

A cycle of actions and results of a life from deep and unshakable held desires or beliefs of experience. 

During one of our podcasts, Larry, Ilie, Adelina and I discussed what Karma is. And I explained to them what I had seen as Karma when I was a small child. That seeing has evolved and developed since then, to a more accurate and mature form. 

To summarize I told them the story of when I was little and thinking about Karma, I was watching a vinyl playing on a record player. I had just been told how the mechanics worked on the machine, how the vinyl had little groves and how the needle went up and down and side to side on those groves, it translated those movements into sounds. The conversation about Karma was happening in the background and someone said words to the effect that the person they were talking about was stuck in a Karmic cycle, repeating the same thing over and over again, like a broken record. 

I looked at the needle on the vinyl and lifted it. I remember saying out loud, “why doesn’t she just lift herself out of it.” I was then told that the person didn’t know they were in a cycle in the first place so kept repeating the same experience over and over.

I made a mental note to think of a way to help people understand how to move out of the cycles they are trapped in. 

Now, we are here, today, and I am weaving this information in a way which will make that plan come true. 

  1. Karma is a cycle.
  2. The person is unaware that they are in a karma cycle and also unaware that they can simply lift themselves out of it. Therefore, they are powerless and unable to respond to their situation in a high-frequency way, or change it. They are not “responsible” for it.
  3. The person thinks that they are not responsible now for the low-frequency life they are manifesting, and actually, they are the victim of it and have no responsibility for manifesting it. And… for as long as they don’t realize they are stuck in a cycle, this is true.
  4. The person finally realizes that they are stuck in a karma cycle created by negative programs or belief systems, including thinking that their current life circumstances dictate their current reality, and makes a decision to try something different, something new.
  5. The person lifts themselves out of the karma cycle and can look around for a different experience.  One that isn’t dictated by beliefs that they cannot change their lot.
  6. They can then see well enough to manifest new experiences. 
  7. At this point, the person can choose to keep their new experiences, or go back to their old cycle and manifest more of the same thing they are familiar with and used to. They will often, if they do the second, blame it on external factors. “Nothing really changes, this is how life is.”

Karma is driven by the desire to be held in an experience, which can often mean that when the person is fully satiated with that experience, and look around for a different experience to have they may experience a feeling of still being trapped in the old one. But it also means that they will not even look around if they are not fully done with it.

The knowledge that our manifestations are driven by a desire for experiences, and that we can get stuck in a cycle of one or more of those desires (ours or other’s), allows us to become aware of what is driving our manifested experiences right now. And, therefore, by stepping out of those cycles (removing the programs and fears), we can then manifest a different desire and experience.

This the class relevant for this article: Reincarnation – Escaping the Cycle of Life and Death

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