Lemurian, Lecturian, Lunarian – Which one are you?

See what I did there? I introduced a word that hasn’t been used before: Lecturian.

In my estimation, it’s a made up word (you are welcome). And I added a meaning to it which is “someone who reads a lot” 🙂

Back to the actual energy of this question.

We have been asked, Larry and I, how many people are alien human hybrids on Earth and from what planet. The question seems to be most interesting when looking at Anunnaki.  BUT, the answer goes to all species.

And here is the answer: Every single person on Earth is a hybrid of two or more extraterrestrial and ultradimensional species. 

I would like to remind you that a human is a person made up of a physical body elemental and a soul body.

The souls can come in in various “flavors”, in other words from different ultradimensional species.

The physical body elementals have been highly altered at a genetic level by many different physical and more subtle species, including the main human soul species.

The genetic alterations come in different forms and for different reasons. We have some alterations specifically to allow the joining of the body with the soul. We also have some intended to give people skills, abilities, drives and natures that allow them to do certain things and not others.

All in all, none of this happened without our consent.

As we move out of the light/dark paradigm and choose the light paradigm, we move into the situation where we bypass all the genetic alterations that were made to control us, in order to take full and absolute control of our bodies, reality and life.

So, whether you are partly from Lemuria, the Moon, or like to read a lot, you are one of us. Human.

And as a human being, we can alter life on Earth. Our makeup, what what are, a soul and a body, creates a powerful creative dynamic so big that we can literally change the course of the Universe with it. We will discuss this more in the future #codenamewe

Let’s do this!

Inelia Benz

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