Lemurian Memories

The Lemurian energy has come and gone from my life several times since 2006, but this article is about a physical visit Larry and I had with the Lemurians and I’m sharing it in preparation for our June 2023 Class “Lemurian Reconnection”.

Back in 2014, Larry and I went to Lemuria with two Spanish ladies.

The place we entered Lemuria was at “Monastery Santa Maria de Montserrat”, a magnificent monastery at the edge of majestic mountains located about 45km, 28 miles, northwest of  Barcelona, Spain.

We had held an event in Barcelona at the time, and also planned a visit to the well known Lemurian portal in Montserrat.  There are Lemurian portals at various locations around the planet.

The Monastery had been built on the old location of a large Lemurian portal. But that portal had since been closed, and smaller portals are still in place in various locations on the mountains around the monastery.

The monastery itself was an example of the typical divine energy leaching system. Technology that is used to absorb the individual’s awe and inspiration felt from being exposed to the larger than life energy of the sacred spots churches, abbeys, cathedrals, monasteries and convents are built upon. So, nothing new to write home about that part of the visit.

I had visited the portal in 2012 with Daniela and a portal keeper we met at the monastery who “just happened to be there that day” and had confirmed the location of the most accessible portal. So I knew where that portal was and was able to take us there in 2014.

Larry, the ladies and I left the monastery courtyard and followed a well trodden, nicely built path up the mountain where I had found the portal two years earlier. 

We had to walk quite some distance before arriving at the portal. It was literally on the path and there were pillars and seats on the edge of the path on that spot. We sat down, Larry, myself and the two ladies, and closed our eyes. I scanned the portal and “knocked” to see if there was anyone there and could we have a visit. I received the message that there was no one there to open it, but there were people on the way to meet us, and to come back in a while. I don’t exactly remember how long we had to wait.

We continued up the mountain and enjoyed the views, the company and interesting conversation. At the allotted time, we returned and sat on the stone seats on the edge of the path and closed our eyes.

After we sat there a while, there was a massive crack sound, like a giant boulder had just crashed on the path beside us. We opened our eyes confused because there was no boulder, no evidence whatsoever that anything physical had just occurred. What followed was the typical experience many people have, when traveling to Lemuria.

The two ladies had laid down on the stone benches and were fast asleep. Larry rubbed his eyes and saw a young couple walking past us on the path. He got very mad at them because, in his words, she was hundreds of years old and he was super young.  He said “What is she doing with him, she’s much too old for him!!”  They actually looked like a regular normal couple, no obvious age difference really.

I looked at Larry’s arms, they were now bruised. He had hand mark bruises near his wrists. I checked his legs and the same marks were visible near his feet. His phone, which was disconnected to all networks, had the time as 11pm, but it was only 4pm in reality. The phone then converted to the right time when he took it off airplane mode which he had turned on when we arrived to save battery usage for use as a camera and clock. It had worked perfectly before and after the incident, yet while disconnected from the network it had measured 7 hours more time passing than the actual time was

He was also starving and thirsty, although we had eaten just an hour earlier. One of the ladies said that she felt more rested than she had in a long time, and she was also very, very hungry. The other lady and I were not hungry at all, and we were rather tired.

This all made sense after I closed my eyes and pulled up the memories of what had just happened. Our memories had been cleared of the events, but there were remnants of it.

Before I said anything, one of the ladies said that she must not remember anything as it would be too painful for her to do so. Her daily life would lose all importance and she wouldn’t be able to continue in her present life if she did. Her words were urgent, powerful, with deep conviction. The other lady said she thought she had had a nice nap. And Larry just got angry again.

I waited until later to tell Larry about what I remembered of the incident.

We indeed had visited with the Lemurians. And, yes, life in our part of the world lost a lot of color, flavor and meaning when I let the memories resurface. It was not easy. 

This is what I saw: as we were met at the portal, the Lemurians took us individually into their space. This was because, in their experience, when a group comes into their reality, each person can behave very, very differently and they like to be able to gently wake them (if the person chooses to do so), and deal with what happens in a gentle way. After the person gets their footing and deals with the experience, they are then introduced to the welcoming party.  There is also food, and if wanted the person can have a tour of technologies or other things.

The bruises on Larry’s arms and legs had happened because they had to hold him down as he became very violent when he woke up there and I was not around. It got very out of control.

One of the ladies had indeed stayed in the welcoming room and simply slept through the whole experience. The other lady, the one who said she did not want to remember, spent the time exploring, chatting and eating the delicious and colorful, life filled food they had prepared for us.

When I reported our visit at a public level back then, many people asked me about their technology, did they have free energy? Stuff like that. But those types of things were not in my mind to ask at the time. I was more interested in their cooking, the fabric their clothes were made of and also their makeup. I was interested in their social discourse, how they communicated, why they had split from us, and how they managed society. Their lifespans, health, family structures, cities and such.

The Lemurians are back in my awareness now, and Larry and I are giving a class about them which will include an exercise for us to reestablish our high-frequency links to them.


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