Let It Crumble

I wanted to share with you that during this Covid-19 social crisis we need to let things crumble. 

What this means is that we don’t try to save society, we do not try to save the educational system, or work systems.

We really, REALLY, need to create new systems, and let the old ones collapse.

In June 2020, I received several emails from the educational authorities in Sacramento where my 14 year old son goes to school, giving “opt-ins” for education. Two of the opt-ins were to send the kids to school either for two days a week or for five days a week. Then the letter went on to describe what the days will look like. Long story short: 

  • No common areas.
  • No school lunches.
  • No interacting with other kids
  • Wearing of masks
  • Future requirements of Vaccination
  • No playing

I was shocked to see what was being asked and also became highly aware that there are many parents who are opting in to send kids to what can only be described as a prison camp.  The insanity of this situation is beyond words. 

Easy to get triggered, right?

Take a deep breath, breathe out. Repeat. Realize that this is an “opt-in” and that the families and kids who are choosing this are asleep.

My guidance, the one I personally received this month, was to stay out of it. Don’t fight it, don’t try to fix it, don’t try to educate these people on how bad and horrific this is for their kids.  Just let them be. Let them crumble. Let them vaccinate.

When looking at this dynamic, I saw that this split is one of the gentlest splits we could have come up with. 

As you walk in the world, “by their masks you shall know them”. You shall know the fearful ones, the ones who are sinking, who are opting-in into a hellish co-creation. And I don’t mean people wearing masks in locations that don’t allow people who don’t wear them. I mean people who wear them when alone walking on the road with no one around them. Or while driving alone in their car. 

Let them go. Let them crumble. It’s time.

As lightworkers, we need to hold our own. Not hold the fearful.

Find your tribes!

One of your tribes is WalkWithMeNow.com.

Once you find your tribes, start connecting. The time of the lone wolf is over. 


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