Let life unfold itself to you…

Forcing things is going to bring resistance.

A lot of our teachings and upbringing in the West has to do with working hard to get something out of life. However, to reach the ultimate goal of ascension, the opposite is true. You need to let go of results, expectations and hard work and allow life to unfold in the present moment. There is nothing you can do to change the present except change your mind about it.

The fastest way to  reach your next level of ascension, or any goal for that matter, is to follow the road of most joy. Not expectation, excitement or adrenalin, but joy. The times when you think of a decision or a vision of what you want or want to do and feel joy in your gut.That’s the right decision.

When meditating, which is vital for ascension, and there are a dozen things happening around you, meditate on those things. Don’t try to lock them out of your consciousness in your attempt to “empty your mind”. Instead, observe the things that happen around you with your mind, experience them in the present time without judgment and without expectation and without a running commentary.

Releasing control is one of the hardest things we can do.  It means releasing what we think our present should be like. Releasing sadness and fear. Releasing needs and expectations.  However, releasing these things will put you exactly where you are most powerful. It puts you in the flow.

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