Let me tell you about my latest novel: Team Whisper

It was a great surprise to me when this novel came into my awareness.  It urgently insisted on being written, and “right away”, and exclusive of every other project I had going at the time. I have learned through NOT listening in the past, that when this level of urgency is present, I may as well buckle down and listen because what comes has the potential for great impact. And also because if this energy of urgency arrives, it is because it cannot be postponed to “when I have time”. 

The main character, Josh, is a Native American man who was inducted into a secret program which aimed to weaponize psychic kids. The character himself, Josh, is based on two people I know, and their real life experiences in the program as well as life afterwards.

The other characters are also based on true people and events. All in all, I have changed their names, locations and lives, as well as having created the Josh character to move their story forward. The story being, if they had been fully awake and aware as adults, and organized themselves as a group, what could have happened? And what would they have discovered about the beautiful planet we call Earth?

Here is the book blurb:

Prepare for a mind-bending journey as Josh, a man with extraordinary abilities, chooses to bury his powers in a world that deems them ‘psychotic.’ Living a life of normalcy and drowning in a haze of powerlessness and alcohol, he must now confront the chilling reality that remembering his true self could endanger everyone he holds dear.

Brace yourself for a thrilling adventure where amnesia becomes the battleground for Earth’s fate! Can Josh rise above his forgotten talents and save the world from sinister forces?

Discover a heart-pounding tale of forgotten powers, mortal dangers, and an epic battle for humanity!

On April 8th 2024, we will have a launch party for this novel. Having a launch party for a novel is something new for me. I haven’t officially launched any of my previous novels, and most of them go unearthed and undiscovered.

Not so with this novel. Everything about this novel has been very different to all the other novels I have written. From the time it took to put the first draft down, three weeks, to employing a professional actor for the audio book, to publishing an audiobook, all new experiences.

One of the things that people ask about is why I write novels. And I remind them of my heritage. My novels are very entertaining page turners, but they are not written just for pure entertainment. They follow the patterns and paths of wisdom keeping and imparting through storytelling. 

Recently, at a formal author interview, the interviewers asked me, does this book have a message? And I was a bit taken aback by the question. 

Well, does it? I asked myself. Yes, it has many messages. The main ones are the ones about agreement. The fact that nothing can happen in our lives without our conscious or subconscious agreement.  That this agreement may or may not be truly our chosen path. And that no matter how damaged a person is, or how far they seem to have fallen off their path, they can always get up, brush themselves off and get back on their path. And that this is done much easier with good counsel and good allies by their side.

But of course, like all my novels, they can be read by anyone and everyone will receive what they want to receive from it. Whether pure entertainment only, to life changing tools and information, it is all there.

And yes, Gazelle, Weasel, Monkey, Bear and Panther are real people, and their real names, as well as their experiences as adults have been changed to explore what would have happened if they had indeed met up again after they left the place they spent their childhood at, the School.
The launch party is free, and if you are reading, or listening to our podcast after April 8th 2024, go to ibenznovels.com/news to find it and listen to the first two chapters of the audiobook, as well as an in depth interview of the author, me, by the Driving To The Rez panel of experts.

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