Let’s have a look at Healing in the New Paradigm

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As I often say, the New Paradigm is not place and it is not even a time that “will come” upon us. It is much more exciting than that. It’s a co-creation, which means you are invited to contribute. The main difference from the old paradigm is that this time your contribution will be conscious. And that is a BIG shift.

You are aware of your programs and thought patterns and you choose which ones to keep (if they are still useful) and which ones to let go. The keyword being “choose”. You are in the driver’s seat and you are no longer run by subconscious programs.

Imagine how exciting it is to live in this way. Fully “response able” :).

Most people following my work and reading my newsletter are in many ways healers. You may be actively engaged in practicing a healing modality or you may be actively engaged in spreading kindness and good will. A “JoyLightLove” doctor if you will! All of this has a healing and transformational effect.

Or you may be in need of healing and you are looking for ways to achieve that.

So what happens with healing in this new paradigm? What is the shift?

Moving from subconscious to conscious is the governing principle. We are able now to observe and let go of the “savior/victim” program that is still running in our collective consciousness. We take responsibility for our own creation that at the time may include sickness. We empower those around us by being way showers on how to heal ourself rather than waiting for someone else to do it.

Without judgement have a look at yourself, and your healing practice. Are you helping people heal themselves? Or are you creating a co-dependent relationship where you clients need you to heal them over and over again? Become aware of your feelings and thoughts around this and observe them.

If you are in need of healing are you secretly hoping someone out there will be able to “fix it” for you, are you looking for connection rather than healing? Or are you looking into taking more and more responsibility for your own healing process and for allowing healing.

Allow these mini questions/exercises to raise your awareness and to make you conscious of areas you may have not looked at and to feel gratitude for what you are already doing 🙂

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Healing in the New Paradigm

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