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Last week I sent you a newsletter about finally seeing and getting together with a perfect soulmate. I’ve since received many questions about whether the course I mentioned would help in different situations. Situations such as finding a new person, improving a present relationship, improving non romantic relationships, changing the nature of relationships we have with the opposite sex, the same sex, friends and relatives, and much more.

My basic answer to all those questions is simple, by taking the course on Sex, Love and Soulmates in the New Paradigm, what and who expands, becomes more aware, able and has greater capacity to manifest healthy relationships in all areas of your life is YOU.  So, the answer to those questions is YES, the course will help in any area or relationship you implement the exercises and tools towards.

In case you missed the article I sent last week, here is the bit where I mention the course:

For years I have been asked about soulmates, sex, love, and relationships in hundreds of emails and Facebook messages.

So, in 2013, I created the Sex, Love and Soulmates in the New Paradigm Course.  Even though I personally did not have much of an interest in finding a perfect mate, my Higher Self had other plans.  As I always do, I took the course myself. It was really quite amazing to see how all the information fitted into my personal life.  What belief systems I was carrying, what blocks and firewalls to a fully satisfying relationship I had, and how I was blind to the existence of men who were perfect mates for me. As well as how and why this happens.

Because of the nature of the Interview with a Psychic Assassin novel, before I started writing it, I took the Course units in Sex, Love and Soulmates again in 2014.

Read on the website what happened next 🙂

And if you would like to experience the course yourself, here is a coupon code for a 20% discount available in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.  This code will be valid until the 17th. 

At checkout type SOULMATES in the Coupon box.

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  – Inelia

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