Loving Yourself

If the sentence “loving yourself” made you open this article, then it is time you took account of your life, look deeply at what you are doing to yourself and begin to see yourself as a very important member of our high-frequency society. In this article we are going to explore “why” this is true.

How are you treating yourself? Is it with love, compassion, care? Or is it with neglect, self-criticism, paralyzing doubt, fear and guilt? 

The words “Loving yourself” came up as a top search engine term. What this means is that many, many people are doing a search on this topic, or it may also mean that the search engines are promoting it heavily. 

When I receive the statistics for the number of subscribers who read this article, I will know if it is part of the collective telling us to pay attention to how we treat ourselves, or whether it is a promotion from the egoic overstimulating social programming machine.

Why is it important to pay attention to what the collective tells us?

The human collective is like a beehive. When we think of a hive, or hive-mind, we get the chills. We are taught to believe that the “hive-mind” is about a very oppressive hierarchical and tyrannical system. However, this is a complete misunderstanding of how a beehive actually works. This erroneous teaching does reflect how the human collective is presently working, though. “Kings and Queens” at the top and the rest of humanity being “just” worker bees.

The beehive actually works very, very differently to how the hierarchical structures of humans work. The beehive creates the roles that it needs for it’s welfare, flourishment and expansion. A hive only needs one queen, that’s why it only has one. It needs numerous gathering bees, so creates lots of those, and many construction workers, so creates many of those too. It also needs a significant number of warrior bees, some male drones, and eventually new queens.  Whatever the hive needs to flourish, it creates.

And so does the human collective.

The human collective creates people who it needs to be able to flourish on Earth. 

The queen bee is not the boss of anyone. Nor does she exploit, destroy, or self-promotes herself as the key to the whole enterprise. There is only one because the hive needs only one queen. If the hive didn’t need a queen, there would be no queen.

And here is where you come in.

You are here, reading this article, because you were born to embody the new-paradigm on Earth in this lifetime.

Let me repeat that:

You are here, on Earth, to embody the new-paradigm.

That is why you were born and why you are inquisitive, intuitive, sensitive, have the best intentions for everyone on Earth, and are a compassionate and inspired individual.

The human collective needs you to shine now. It needs you to step out of the lone wolf, step out of the shadows and learn how to work nicely with other high-frequency awakened individuals. I didn’t say step out of the lone wolf and work with everyone, low and high frequency. I said learn how to work nicely with other High Frequency, awakened individuals. That is your tribe.

Not all awakened individuals are created equal, and that’s something that we have to celebrate. We are not the same! We are not equal. We are all just as valuable, but not the same as each other. 

So, your homework is:

  1. Listen to the following podcast and do this exercise.
  2. Use the tools here.
  3. Get these classes and study them, making sure you do the exercises in them.
  4. Join WWMN and start actively participating in the maturation of high-frequency alliances and councils. Learn how to play nicely with your high-frequency contemporaries. 

Let’s embody the new-paradigm on Earth now.


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