Make your ordinary life Your Sacred Life

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Make your ordinary life the sacred life. Make your work become your spiritual growth.At the end of this email there is a class where I explore this in greater depth, but before that lets talk a bit about mystical power.

Mystical power is something that we all have and use. In fact we do so all the time! The only difference is that some people use this power consciously and they know that they are creators while others do so unconsciously, so we say they “give their power away” to be used into programs and models that they may not really want.

Also, you can’t run out of Power. You are Power, you are Chi, you are Infinite. So you see… you are always “Power-Full” 🙂

Sometimes, when we become conscious of our power we can get caught in an ego trap of “self-importance” or “self-righeousness”. Or we can give a strong meaning to “our mission” or importance to our attachements.

For example read the following and note your feelings and your thoughts:

– my soul mate – is irrelevant.
– my body – is irrelevant.
– my job – is irrelevant.
– my new-born baby – is irrelevant

Are you still with me :)? These statements can really, really trigger those attachments.

Note that there is a difference between value and importance. My new-born baby is very valuable, very precious, but utimatelly irrelevant. There is no attachment that can possibly last throughout eternity.

So how we make our ordinary life our sacred life? How do we activate and step into our mystical power?

One tool that I suggest you give a try is lucid dreaming. And don’t let “I don’t have dreams” stop you. 🙂

Keep a dream journal and you will begin to recall your dreams. Set alarms to wake you during the night and write down your dreams before you forget them. Read about REM sleep cycle and set your alarm according to that. There are even apps these days that can detect if you have entered REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and wake you up.

Once you get your journal going you will notice patterns. Things that you dream over and over again. And you can use those to realise that you are dreaming and step into lucid dreaming! Maybe you are dreaming of a relative who has passed away. Next time you see them you can say: “Wait a minute! I must be dreaming!”

You can add to that bunny hops. Do them in real life and eventually you will do them in your dreams too! And in your dreams you will just float… so you’ll know you are dreaming.

Or you can try to look at your phone and read the numbers and names in it. If you can do it, then you are in real life, but if you are in a dream everything will be mangled.

Lucid dreaming is fabulous to use, because as soon as you realize that you are in a lucid dream then you can astral travel from there. You can actually have shared experiences, shared dreams with other people. You can call them in and pull them in to have conversations. You can have meetings there with other people that are in other parts of the planet. Endless possibilities!

As I said in the begining you can explore this in much more depth in the audio class called: “Stepping Into Our Mystical Power”.

Listen to the recording today

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  – Inelia and the team.

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