Manifest Your Dreams Now – how it links to Ascension

A lot of us will link the word “manifest” with the movie “The Secret”.  This movie was a huge success because it touched upon a basic truth, something we all know to be true but have been denied access to, that we are divine beings who can manifest our own reality.

As we do our Ascension work, one of the side effects is that reality becomes much more pliable. At first we may go a little crazy and go for fabulous material goods, manifest our perfect love partner, or the perfect body.

Then, we move onto more interesting and mind blowing manifestations.

The three wishes that are prominent in most of our lives are, wealth, health, and love.  Then we go for things such as psychic abilities, expanded awareness, enlightenment and ascension.  But all have an underlying vibration, that of wanting to be happy.

For a lot of people the art of manifestation has not worked.  They are still poor, unhealthy, single (and don’t want to be), ugly, no psychic abilities, blindness and disconnected from Source.

So, lots of books by self growth gurus came out about the “missing link”, or “the secret behind the secret” to make “The Secret” work.

The reason why for one person it works, and for another it doesn’t is very simple.  One bases their methods of manifestation on fear and need, and the other on light, happiness and love. In other words, they align themselves with their mission on the planet, with their higher self.

It is a simple change of vibration, that’s all.  So, how does this link to Ascension?

As the person progresses through their Ascension, he or she goes from a low vibration to a higher vibration.   Basically they move from fear, anger and suffering, to love, peace and happiness.

But these steps don’t all happen at once, so, for example, at some point the person would be much higher than they started, no longer afraid of being poor, but still have an enormous fear of growing old alone.  If, at the same time, they are actively working on manifesting their dream life, this can get a bit like driving a Ferrari and not knowing how to use manual gear shift.

As the person progresses in their manifesting exercises, their ability to manifest their dream life increases.  And here is the problem, because unless they have dealt with their fears in full, they will also manifest their nightmares.

Again, as we work on our Ascension, our capacity to manifest also increases.

The safest and fastest route to Manifestation is to concentrate all our efforts on Ascension.  So, instead of visualizing, feeling and going for wealth, love and health, we start by process our fear, anger and needs big time.  And after a daily processing session, we spend a few minutes in the bliss of Divine Love.

A time arrives when we are no longer afraid, angry or needy.  When that moment comes, we dive into visualizing and enjoying our perfect life and watch in awe as it materializes around us.

To find out what stage you are in, see if you have any resistance when you read the following sentences:

  • I want to grow old alone.
  • I am happy with my weight.
  • I don’t care if my body is healthy or not.
  • I don’t need to have wealth.

If any of the above made you twinge, then find that twinge in your physical body and trace the energy line to the source.  Process the fear, anger or need that you find there.  If you find a resistance in that last instruction, it is because you are not ready to let go of your conditions of happiness.  Process that too 🙂

You see, we don’t remove our “want”.  What would the point of a physical experience be without the joy of a magnificent reality?  And that’s the catch 22. If we need, fear or refuse to drop the “dreams” that we think will make us happy, we can never be truly happy, and our manifesting will be a painful and slow slog.  And if we do drop them, we might never get them.  But here is the “but”, we get things we never even dreamed of, or thought possible.  Including a level of happiness unknown to most people alive today.

Here is a good fear processing exercise.

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