May 2013 Update and Inelia’s Schedule

Wow! Was April long or what?

Not sure if you experienced it too, or it was just me, but April seemed to go on forever, which is weird because time seemed to have sped up so much before April.  But here we are May has arrived, the flowers are in full bloom, and we are moving ahead no matter what the world governing individuals are up to.

And, yes, they are up to a lot of stuff. We can easily fall into the victim/aggressor cycle here and feel all the rage that deservedly is felt when we look at what humans are doing to each other all over the planet.

HOWEVER, let me also remind you that NEVER in recorded history have there been so many awake and awakening individuals taking action, raising their vibration, and creating or sharing tools so others can raise their personal vibration too.  The time for saving or serving others, or be saved by or be serviced by others is over, and the time to teach ourselves as equals, and co-create a fantastic physical life together as One is here.

There are organizations, groups, and individuals organizing themselves all over the planet right now, to live, work, play and exchange in new and different manners. And just because all these millions of people and organizations don’t appear in our daily dose of media drama, doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

There is so little “natural” violence in the world, among humans, that governments are going out of their way to organize big media coverage of staged events, as well as pushing unstable individuals over the edge with fear to get them to “go nuts”.  They are so few, and far between in comparison with the millions of people who are each day acting from light/joy/love, that it’s silly to even consider or contemplate that the planet is going downhill.

I feel, and have been feeling, a huge shift happening this year. And I think it’s coming July/August.  And it is GOOD.

There is more and more evidence now that we are not physically alone on this planet, that we have cousins and brother and sisters in humanoid species that we have known and talked about throughout time in our mythology and legends.  Now there is a race that is afoot, between those individuals who are desperately looking for a new war enemy and have “aliens” as their new target, and those who know that these other humanoid species come in all sorts of levels of vibrations and intentions, and it is UP TO EACH ONE OF US to decide at what level we want to engage.

And that’s the crux of the matter. It is up to us. We have the choice. We are waking up to the fact that we have always created reality, but have done it unconsciously.  The change now is that we do it consciously. Our biggest stumbling block is simply FEAR. Once we process fear, we allow it to exist, reintegrate it into our field and move into that joy/light/love mode of existence, which is our true essence, we can move ahead in our lives filled with excitement, inspiration, and creative power.

You will be receiving a lot of Dooms Day information coming in from all sorts of locations until around 2015 The dates will keep moving, the end is near! Everything is about to collapse! And it is getting EXHAUSTING.  And that’s the point.

But once we step out of the drama, really step out of it, and simply shift our focus on what we have in our lives, what we want for our lives, and how we want our lives to be different, and how that difference will affect others on the planet. Once we realize that it is our own individual actions and responses (not reactions), that do dictate what happens on the planet, that’s when we can start breathing deeply and moving forward as a species.

In that spirit, there are, so far, two actions and four events I would like you to join me for the moth of May 2013:

  • Action One: If you are highly inspired by one person or organization, send them 10% of your income for the week. Review each week who inspired you most and DO IT. Remember, its not who deserves it most, but who gave you the most via inspiration. Inspiration is that energy and enthusiasm, that realization that we are joy/light/love, and energy that moves you to change your life, or act on your knowing.
  • Action Two: Go out of your way every day this month to inspire someone else. Or at least, have the intention to do it and do it as often as you can. Tell them your story, show them a picture, inspire 🙂
  • May 3rd 2013: Journey into Manifestation – Let’s get the ball rolling at a personal and global level here.
  • May 7th 2013: The Nature of Realty and Its Rules of Engagement – remembering the key aspects of how our paradigm and physical reality work, and how we can consciously move to a higher level of existence right now.
  • May 17th 2013: Brainstorm QnA session. Bring all your questions and let’s explore together for the answers.
  • May 25th 2013: The Lemurian Connection – A free call hosted by AWAKEN Academy, that will cover my personal time line with our Lemurian cousins, and a daydream journey where we will visit with them. Each person will get a chance to have their own personal experience of reconnection and remembrance.  They want to collaborate with us as they are in the same boat we are: Gaia.

Remember that you can be the still point in the storm. As all chaos ranges around you, the place holder for the new emerging paradigm and the expanded awareness for our human collective. YOU are the second coming. WE are the second coming. What comes? Our stepping into our true essence and power, creating a physical reality that reflects our true nature as human beings. Joy/Light/Love. Everything else are low level games which are are DONE with. Now we can look into each other’s eyes and really SEE.

The time of the savior is over, the time of our own sovereignty is here and it’s an exciting journey of growth and discovery. I am honored that you have chosen to share it with me.

Being joy/light/love, I greet you.

Inelia Benz

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