Message to Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children and Diamond Children.

Yes, you have probably read a thousand websites telling you that you are special and that you are different. Something you know already. Unless you are a Diamond Child, in which case you have probably not found much information at all.

Why are you here?


A lot of you will have very special gifts, and some will have a very subtle one. The one I am talking about is not normally seen or recognized by people as easily as painting, signing, writing, science, dance and all the other forms of creative expression that we as human posses.

No, the one gift I am here to talk to you about is one that puts you apart from everyone else on Earth. Even Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Diamond Children. You are here because you need to BE HERE.

You do feel the same sense of urgency and need to fulfill your mission as all the other kids, but you know it is more than peace on earth, more than expression of love, more than changing society, all of which are beautiful and needed but just another expression of illusion. You may have multiple skills and abilities, so many in fact that there is not one that you can pick up and run with.

That’s because your special skill is not even known to most of humanity. The one skill that you have brought with you my brothers and sisters is that of channeling the divine into Earth. For you to do this you don’t need to write books, paint pictures, take photos or anything else. You can of course do these things and you will need to find yourself a career that pays the bills, but your special mission is to BE HERE.

BE HERE on Earth for as long as you possibly can. It will get difficult. But stick it out.

Near you, people will heal, they will harmonize, they will become more psychic, they will become more creative, they will blossom. This is because you skill, your mission and your invisible ability is to bring the light into the core of Earth and Humanity. By being part of this reality, and your Self having a direct connection to Oneness, you act as a path, a channel, a thread that links both dimensions.

If it is getting difficult come to present time and release fear. Don’t forget that you are part human now and that means your body, mind, emotions and ego will need nurturing and looking after.

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