My life transformed.

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As I mentioned before, I wrote “Interview with a Psychic Assassin” to impart otherwise inaccessible information which expands our minds and knowledge base on how Earth has been run.

Since its publication, I have received hundreds of comments and messages that reflect the transformative energy of what ‘Interview with a Psychic Assassin’ carries.

My personal life transformation while writing was a complete surprise to me. What I can say is that now I live somewhere different, my environment is highly and completely supportive and nurturing, and I am now in the most incredibly loving, equal, honoring and amazing love partnership of my life. So incredibly amazing that it is way beyond anything I had ever imagined. And that energy, that transformative quality, is embedded in the book.

My feeling is that this can be an ordinary novel, just a run of the mill novel that one reads and then remembers, or not, for the rest of one’s life. But it also has the energy and capacity to expand and transform a person’s life as much as that person allows, wants or intends. Free will at its best. Doors are opened for us to walk through throughout the novel, but it’s really up to us whether we want to walk through them or not. We have full control over the experience we have during the reading of the novel. And then we read it again, and find out there are hundreds of other doors which have magically appeared, and that reflects a massive growth of awareness.

This experience is traveled through a Fantasy, or what some might call a science fiction journey. The main character is Ramona, who was recruited from her loving parents by a secret world government agency to be educated at an elite school for gifted children. Only this school’s true purpose is to create the perfect assassin. Using technology and skills learned from alien captives, occult orders and super soldier programs, Ramona became their most deadly of weapons. Until she received a target from them that she could not kill.

What was meant to be a straightforward interview quickly turns into a dangerous and mystical adventure into the depths of creation.

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