My thoughts about Walk With Me Now

It is now one and a half years since the Ascension101 Team and I set up the Walk With Me Now Empowerment Platform. The platform where I am making myself personally available to support your expansion of awareness and self empowerment.

Being part of this platform is definitely a way to both accelerate our personal deprogramming and empowerment, and also make it more gentle as it is shared among all of us. We all give and receive strength, insights and we walk this path together. The road to full empowerment can be short and gentle, or long and arduous, or anything in between. Mostly, it is as long and easy as we “believe” it has to be. Each journey is basically tailor-made for each of us. The fact that you are reading this, means you can handle a fast and gentle journey.

I can sense that we are ready for the next step, and as one of our members mentions in a forum thread, “exploring community”. Community for me is not just about living together and surviving the world in a good and nurturing way. It is also about making a jump in evolution as a collective. To truly step into that full communication and co-creation we are capable of.

When Larry and I went for a hike up a steep forest at Neah Bay, I got stuck at the top. He and Missy (our dog) quickly descended back to the bottom after we were done, but I was having breathing problems and had very little oxygen in my body at the time. This made the physical exertion of moving down the steep forest super hard for me. I stopped and thought, “hmm… I can’t do this.” At that moment I felt and heard a chant. It was the elemental shamans that live in the area. Via the chant, and experiential telepathy, they were showing me the rhythm I had to use to move down step by step. They also joined arms with me, giving me stability and physical strength. The message they conveyed was, “there is no weak link, there is no weak point, we share our strength, we are strong therefore you are strong.”

I climbed down the hill super fast and in total safety. And in tears. I had never felt so supported and so much physical strength and skill in my body before.

So, as we learn to become One, we share our strength, and we all become strong and able.

Two years ago was when I finally decided to start an online empowerment community. It was a difficult decision for me as I am very aware of how communities can go astray, having investigated cults and other organizations in the past. This, I felt was a big challange and I was not sure if I would be able to steer the community into a positive and self empowered way. My main firewall to starting such a project was my own sense of the amount of energy I would need to start and maintain it. That I would not have the energy to hold space for and support thousands of people one on one. But, as I got the go ahead from my higher self, and the Team and I discussed it, we saw that although yes, it would mean more work for us every day, the key would be to make it self supporting. That the individuals themselves, having used and being familiar with the tools I have provided, and tools they have discovered elsewhere, would be able to not only support and hold space for themselves, but also support and hold space for each other and the Team and I.

How has that support manifested the past year and a half since we launched the platform? Well, it has manifested in energy exchange through the subscription amount each person pays, it has manifested through insights and wisdom, through the sharing of personal challenges and the growth that happens when we all look at one person or challenge and it dissolves. It has been supportive in friendship and the ability to discuss, chat and connect with people of like mind, people who are fascinating, stimulating, supportive, nurturing and brave. It has been supportive in the carrying out of experiments and seeings. There is a no drama and no aggravation policy on the platform’s forum making a very safe, beautiful and supportive place to hang out and be.

So, anyway, these are my personal thoughts about Walk With Me Now.  Know that if you made it to the end of this article, you are invited to join 😀

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