NDEs – What do people come back with?

People have Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and often come back with a lot of information, or a mission, directions, orders, instructions or interpretations of what happened to them.

Although many have familiar patterns, people’s interpretations of what happened in the “in between place” or “the other side” can be radically different. And what they decide to do with it, can also differ.

I have noticed some patterns in the NDEs I’ve heard about from reading or watching a public testimony. 

First of all, the fact that I have heard of them means the person went public with their story and this already puts them in a category of their own. 

In other situations I have first hand experience of the in-between place, and the other side, when people known to me have passed on and I have accompanied them through the valley of death. We also enjoy reading and researching regression books and stories. Recollections of people’s time between lives. It also happens that I have personally had three out of body NDEs.  And a few should have been deaths but by miracle were not.  

The mission.

Many people who go public with their NDEs state that they were told it’s not their time to die and they have to go back, or on some occasions they wanted to come back because they felt they had unfinished business, or that they needed to share what they saw and experienced with the rest of the world. There are famous books and individuals whose stories are known by billions of people, for example.

The mission often goes something like this:

“Tell the world that all is love, there are no victims, we co-create everything, life after death exists and we are all Oneness.”

This mission above sometimes has God or Jesus, or other religious authority, in place instead of Oneness, or instead of Love. The person is greeted by this being and experiences deep, unconditional love. They feel embraced in that love and a sense of finally being home.

I have also heard two stories of men who came back to tell us all that hell exists and to be good people because that’s not a place you want to end up in after death. That they had come back to make amends and lead a better life… and tell everyone about it.

On one of my own NDEs, I experienced becoming the entire Universe, all that there is. At this level of existence, I not only knew everything, everywhere, but was also everything, everywhere. Then, as I began to shrink back to singular identity, I saw many people very close to that “everything” beingness. I separated from one that was the boss, a female, and I remember thinking, “first personification, interesting. I bet this is what people interpret as God.” For, one second I was ALL, then I was that woman, then I was part of a group… and then after she said, “time to go back”, an old guy grabbed me and jumped into the abyss that led to life back on Earth.

That’s when I found out I was pregnant and the old guy was the soul and body of my unborn child. 

A word of warning.

As a side note, and related to the mission a person might bring, be aware that many times the person will pick up riders on the way back to their body. This is especially true if their death was painful, or due to suicide, or generally traumatic. These riders can infuse the person with bliss for weeks, or sometimes years, and have them convinced that they are “good people”. The way to identify these riders is when the NDE person talks about how pain and suffering, and evil things, are good for you. That all experiences and doings are an act of love, even torture and rape. That’s the evil entity feeding off their own and other people’s pain and fear and giving value to their feast.

I love listening to NDE stories and NDE books. I also love to read books of regressions into the in between lives place. I love to hear people’s recollections and interpretations of what they experienced. Mostly because I like to understand the human condition and how people see things.

A lot of people come back with higher-self missions. You can spot these because the person is not just happy, but has realized at a very deep level that we are co-creators and that we are in a time and place where suffering, fear, war, enslavement, violence, exploitation, etc, need to be removed from our lives and our planet. And that it starts with each of us, in our own lives.

Some of the books and videos on the subject that I would recommend if you are interested in exploring this subject are:

  • The first half of the book “Proof of Heaven” by Eben Alexander M. D. and his follow up book “Living in a Mindful Universe”.

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