Night Disturbances – What happened to our Free and Clear 2018?

Are you having unusually intense nightmares, insomnia, recurring or obsessive low-frequency thoughts at night or early morning?

When looking at 2018, I could see a clean and clear year where we could move into embodying the New Paradigm without resistances or hardships.

2017 had given us plenty of time and opportunity to learn how to embody this new paradigm, shine brightly and stay in integrity. Expressing our highest frequency at an emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual form.

If integrity and non-compromise wasn’t followed through 2017, then it was tough going.

This year, as more and more individuals truly embody their natural high frequency selves in their daily life, was set to be easier and clearer. We are set to have more flexibility and higher capacity to manifest what we truly want, fast and effortlessly.

And it is that way. It is the beginning of our consciously chosen physical reality experiences.

But the past few days, since the beginning of 2018, nighttime has been bombarded with extreme and low frequency thoughts, feelings and vibrations for many, many individuals. This causes lack of sleep (with no apparent reason), hyper-vigilance, nightmares, fears and negative thoughts at bedtime, during sleep or when waking up.

When I look at this, I know that it is causing a lot of individuals hardship and lack of energy, lack of drive and a feeling of “here we go again.”  Some might be wondering why they are falling so far down their frequency range again, after all the work they’ve done, after all the processing and conscious life choices they have been very diligent with.



These energies, are literally not you. This is a powerful attempt by the low frequency advocates on our planet to recruit us to their reality. It is artificially created and manipulated, and our physical bodies, our minds, and our energy bodies are the targets.

Last night, I could feel the low frequency routine starting over, and Larry decided to put some high frequency music on, quietly in the background, to play on a loop. He chose Craig Pruess’s Sacred Chants of Devi album . You can find it on YouTube and at his store page.

The negative frequencies dissipated and vanished instantly.

This is a very strong indicator that our night struggles are indeed created with artificial frequencies. Microwave, sonar, or other technologies broadcasted around the planet.

Once we understand what is happening, and don’t take it as our own failing or that we are personally at fault or being individually targeted, we can take measures to minimize their effect.

Also, give everyone around you this information. Ask them if their sleep patterns are normal the past week, or how they are feeling overall with this new year. If it’s negative, then send them this article.  The more of us that become conscious and aware of what is happening, the better chance we have to stay in our chosen path.

When the day arrives, make sure you play high frequency music, do your meditation exercises, or physical exercises. Spend time with your body, make sure he or she is well hydrated, had good and nutritious food that he or she likes, and take it out for walks or swimming. Do activities your body loves.  Spend 20 minutes doing the “Body Connection” exercise of the Ascension101 Course. Allow your body to express and talk to you, and don’t try to fix things but instead simply acknowledge what your body expresses and tell him or her that you are working on it.

  • Spend the hours of the day not worrying or “processing” what happened the night before or while you were waking up, but instead, enjoy every single moment and thank everything that supports you. Including the air you breathe.
  • If the main symptom is insomnia, lie down in bed with the lights off, and “pretend” you are asleep. Relax your body and stop moving. Make a gentle fist with your hands, thumbs covered by your fingers inside your fist.
    Pretending to be asleep, with your body still, actually gives your body real rest. It’s almost like your body doesn’t know you are not actually asleep.
  • Create a “happy place” during the day. This is a daydream where you are at your most favorite relaxed place on the planet. It doesn’t have to be somewhere you have been to. It could be the top of a mountain where you can watch the sunset or sunrise, it could be floating on a warm tropical beach, or walking in your favorite forest.  If your mind starts getting trapped in low frequency situations or problems, force yourself to go to your happy place.
  • During the day, spend time on your new projects, your high frequency plans for this year, and spend time with those you love 🙂

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