People and Beings in Crystals

For many years now, Larry has been using a form of “seeing” that is both fun and easy to replicate.

He takes a crystal, which can be a ball or any large crystal, and after cleansing, taking ownership of it, and activating it (usually using his intention and water), he will start taking photographs of it in the light with a phone.

Sometimes, he will place the crystal under water, like in a creek, river, lake, ocean, and then take the photos.  Other times he will sit with the crystal in his hands, and contemplate a question, and observe.  When the crystal illuminates with multicolored lights and reflections he will begin to take very close pictures with his camera focusing on the lit up areas.  

The results have been quite outstanding. He has captured both the images of beings, as well as future scenarios of importance.

How this happens is a very good example of the way in which we control our narrative and experience of reality in our world.

Our everyday awareness is very small. It is small because we chose it to be small and because the only way a lightbeing can have a light-dark experience is by self-imposed limitations, one of which is to have a very narrow field of awareness.

As we start expanding our awareness, and yes all our classes, tools, exercises and meditations are designed for that purpose, we are able to start seeing and recording beyond the limitations of awareness (sense perceptions) we are used to.

For example, at one point Larry and I asked the question of what would be important to concentrate on and focus on for the coming year (this was a few years ago), and the answer came in an image of us both sitting on a sofa, with an image of Princess Beauty sitting on the edge of a sofa.

We laughed at the image, and eventually we figured out it was a perfect image of us recording our podcasts on the couch with PB sitting with us. 

That is just one example of how much more we can see and perceive with the minimum of effort. 

At another time, the photographs showed a clear image of a dragon. We happened to be in the presence of a person who has a big connection with dragons! Something we found out when Larry showed them the photo.

My favorite was the image of a fairy, clear as day, sitting on something like a rock. To this day we don’t know what it meant, exactly, but the feeling and energy when I saw it was of happiness, love, connection and the knowing that there is more to the world than what we think there is.

The easiest way to expand our perceptions is to simply ask ourselves, every now and then during the day, “what am I not seeing or perceiving right now?” And look around us.

If you haven’t already, go ahead and try the crystal and light method. What I found fascinating about this method is that the images we saw in the photographs were not visible with the naked eye. This, to me, indicates that the process of photographing with focus and intent, alters the image to reveal more than the present physical world around us and the crystal.

We look forward to seeing your experimentations with crystal and light on our Telegram channel.

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