Post Event and Ego Crash Symptoms

I’d like to share with you some information about two phenomena that can happen when you go to a retreat or event. They are called “Post Event/Retreat Crash” and “Ego Crash”.  These phenomena do not happen to everyone, but they are very common.

Post Event Crash Symptoms

Many individuals will have an energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual crash after an inspiring and powerful event or retreat.  And this is not limited to spiritual events. It can be a powerful and uplifting business event, a church event, a holiday, or any other event where their level of happiness, vibrational frequency, inspiration, and energy were stimulated and raised.

Larry and I have been looking at the reason for this to happen, and we are still not clear as to why it does happen.  Mostly, it feels like the vibrational frequency between our own personal lives and that of the event are so different that when we get back to our personal lives unless we continue with a strong high frequency practice, the familiarity of our old lives pulls us back down.  The frequency falling even a little bit is so devastating that we then crash.  Once we come out of the crash, back to how our lives used to be before the event does not feel so bad after all.

Change is hard.

Another reason could be that during the event, you were surrounded by a group of individuals who were also at that high vibrational frequency intent and thus generating high frequencies with you, so when you remove yourself from that field of collective awareness, you feel disconnected from what is your true nature’s “normal” state, and crash.

You are going from being surrounded with people you resonate with, who are on the same journey that you are and see you fully, to an environment where you are alone in your journey, surrounded by sleepers or those who feed on drama and suffering.

What can you do?

The first thing you can do is know that this happens, so if it does happen to you, you are not taken by surprise or think you have “failed” in some way.

Have an action plan you can get on with once you get home. This could be an online course, with people whom you are accountable to for the course material.  This does not have to be related to the event, it could be a new language, art course, business course, cooking course… it doesn’t matter as long as it is something you are personally interested in.  Yes, it can also be a course that allows you to spend time exploring the topics you learned about in the event.

Stay connected. Did you make new friends or meet old ones at the event? Stay connected with them for at least a few weeks after the event.

Outdoor time and exercise. Do you have any way to do outdoor work, exercise or a gym nearby? Whether it is gardening or yoga, weight lifting or hiking, spend time away from your daily routine and get outside of your personal environment doing something physical.  As you do the activity that you like, consciously choose positive emotions and thoughts over negative ones.

“I am indulging in sadness right now, but I choose to think of a beautiful rose instead” is an example of how to move your emotional and mental body into a more positive one during your “outside/outdoor” exercise.

Nourish your emotional and mental body. Often, when we are in a high frequency environment and surrounded by high frequency individuals whom we have connected with even if it is at an intent level only, our bodies (emotional, energetic, physical and mental) experience a huge amount of “workout”.  A period of rest and integration of those frequencies is needed, so going back home after the event is not always a good idea (unless you are very positive and passionate about your work and your home supports you fully).

Having a holiday/vacation, spending a few days chilling and reading, or in a beautiful location after the event is very supportive for integrating and recuperating after your high level “workout”.

If you are forced to go back home and to work immediately, take at least an hour every day to simply chill, meditate, contemplate or listening quietly to high frequency materials, music, chats, lectures etc.

The ego can crash too.

Although not the same as a post event crash and usually happens during an event, an ego crash can certainly happen after the event.

What is an ego crash? An ego crash is when our ego fights tooth and nail to stop our awareness from expanding and our frequency from raising.  It feels like we are going insane, or develop extreme emotional feelings (usually negative or possessive) for a person, location or situation.

Symptoms of an ego crash can include indulging in drama with other participants, getting angry or irritated with one or more of the individuals attending the event, feeling like a victim, misunderstood, wanting to cry and or wanting to be alone and to disconnect from the other participants. It can also come out in a need to be seen, heard and acknowledged at all times.  You might find yourself doing things that you would not normally do, such as being passive aggressive, snapping at people, or interrupt others while they are sharing or talking, or feel that you want everyone there to like or love you. You may feel that you have to give input in everything that is being said or shared or wanting the hosts or speakers to recognize you for the enlightened or beautiful being that you really are. If this happens, approach the organizers and let them know that you need support.

Rarely, it can stimulate a psychotic break, which can include paranoia, obsession, depression, thoughts of suicide, shakes, nausea, agitation, anxiety, constipation, hypochondria, insomnia, intellectual impairment, physical immobility, delusions or hallucinations.  If you find yourself having these extreme symptoms, get medical help immediately.

Know event or ego crashes are normal.

A Post Event Crash or an event Ego Crash does not always happen, but if it does happen to you, know it is a common occurrence and that there is nothing “wrong” with you if you do go through it.

The symptoms can last a few hours or a few days, but they always dissipate. So, if it does happen, know that “this too will pass”.  Minimize the time in the negative field of emotions or thoughts, by consciously pulling yourself out of them. And if they are too much for you to handle, or lasts more than two weeks at the same intensity, get professional help.

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