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Abstract from Rules Of Engagement – Entering the New Paradigm

“Power”, even the word “power” has a lot of emotional and ego charge in it, the word as well as the concept.

The entire paradigm we are moving out of is based on Power Over Others.  The society we carved out is based on power over others and power over environment. Concepts which were seen as advanced and necessary for the good of humanity.  Which is why so many individuals react in fear or negativity when they hear the word “power”.

The concept is that power has a hierarchical format, that there are people out there who are either less, or more, powerful than we are.  Although we might think this structure is only used by “dark workers”, it is not. It is also used by “light workers”. For example, in order to be of service to others, a person needs individuals, or situations, around them that either have sleeping individuals (who they can help awaken), or victims (who they can help out). The lightworker, is then in a position of having power over others who are not powerful enough to help themselves. When someone is in the path of Bodhisattva, they need people and environments that are suffering, so they can go in and help out.  It is a good path to eventually leave the cycle of power over others, but it is the path, not the destination.

Let’s take a look and see if we have some charge on the word “power”.  The easiest way to do this is to use the word in a few sentences and see if we react emotionally to it.  So, here goes:

“I have power”
“I am all powerful”
“She has power”
“She is all powerful”
“He has power”
“He is all powerful”
“You have power”
“You are all powerful”
“They have power”
“They are all powerful”

Interesting stuff, yes?
Of course, if any programs, or charge, triggered while you heard those sentences, go and process them right away, or after you finish listening to this section.

Let’s take a look at the definition of “power”. Power is the “ability to do”, a “capacity of action”, and it is also “energy” as in, “Chi”. And also “prana”, which is the Sanskrit word for “vital life” or the concept of “filling up”.

If you are familiar with my work, you would have heard me say that women are power, and men are structure.  And, it is up to us individually, to have a good healthy male and female balance in our singular construct. That way we have infinite power, and the structure to be able to use it in a healthy, and “empowering” way both for ourselves and others.

A quick summary of how to go about balancing our power and structure is to move out of the way and allow pure Universal Divine Consciousness to come through us, this is power. And moving our main focus or viewpoint from our head to our heart center. This is structure.

Put your focus in your heart center. That’s the middle of your chest and expands out toward your collar bone, esophagus, shoulder blades and front rib cage. Put your focus there now.

Power is important to understand, and own. Power is the main aspect of human beings which is behind the interests of rulers and other parties. And the reason for so much battle and effort going on to keep humans asleep.

Each individual person on the planet is a source of, and a potential tool for, infinite power.

Really infinite, unlimited and uncolored power.

Abstract from Rules Of Engagement – Entering the New Paradigm


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