Puffer Fish reaction to other people around us – Warning – Strong language used in this article.

As I write this we are entering April 2024, but no matter when you read this article, chances are that this particular wave we are going through now as a society is back and stronger. These articles seem to be relevant whenever they are read.

The Puffer Fish reaction is best visualized by the character “Bloat”, a porcupine pufferfish in the animated movie “Finding Nemo.” It is when we lash out at a comment or situation and treat other people like emotional, mental and psychological punching-bags. All prickly and sharp, and full of poison.

For lightworkers this comes in through three main avenues:

  1. Egoic defense.
  2. Setting up extreme boundaries as a consequence of stacking negatives.
  3. Open doors to negativity.

It is an act of separation. There is a thing I have noticed people doing, and I am very sure others have noticed this and psychologists have a name for it. But I call it the “uglfying of the self”, or “ugly fucker persona”.

The act of uglyfying (I am pretty sure that word is not recognized in the English Language – you’re welcome), is common and I have seen it over and over in all sorts of situations. 

We communicate in many ways. We communicate verbally, through written words, body language, micro-gestures, the clothes we wear, the smells we carry, our hair, facial grooming (or lack of), eye movements and much more. 

When we interact with others, we use all forms of communication to express how we are feeling inside, or what we want to convey to others. However, the communication also contains all our subconscious feelings and thoughts, as well as thoughts and feelings we are having but don’t want to express verbally.

Uglyfying is a way to repel others from coming close.

For whatever reason, people getting close was painful for us in the past. Or unpleasant. Generally speaking, we will uglyfy ourselves to keep people away or from getting too close.

Let me tell you a story. This is a made up story, not real. But presented as real so that we can see what the ugly fucker persona can do:

It was Seville in the early 2000’s, my sister had a friend who was an extremely beautiful woman. Stunning, in fact. We were out at a bar one time, and sitting comfortably together, chatting and having a good time. Due to her beauty, men, most of them we knew from the area, kept coming over to chat her up. She was charming and flirtatious, unless she actually liked the guy. 

My sister and I would instantly know when a guy that she liked was getting close, or even entered the bar. Her entire demeanor would change. She would slouch over, and her smile would turn into a smirk. Her voice would go super weird and she would start talking about the most awful things. If the man came near, she would burp loudly or fart. If he dared to speak to her, she would turn into an absolute demon. She would turn his words around and insult him, be aggressive and in all ways a total asshole. 

When I asked this woman, why was she acting that way? She revealed that there was no way that a nice guy, an attractive, intelligent and sexy guy would like her, or even stay with her for very long even if they did go out together. That the guy probably didn’t like her anyway, would never see her or know she existed.  She’d rather not get involved with him because she might like him and then what?  Guaranteed misery.

This story sounds almost real, right? That’s because it’s based on true people and events but slightly exaggerated.

Imagine the same story, but expressed in micro-gestures. Micro-gestures are intonations of voice, words, body movements and expressions that are so tiny and so fast, that often we miss them at a conscious level.  If you ever met someone and instantly felt attraction or repulsion for no clear reason, probably microgestures had a play in it

Another situation that I have seen, and this is a true story, was where a man used the ugly-fucker to bully his way in life. He was an extremely wealthy man who owned a major multinational company. He contracted the company I worked for to install hardware and software solutions. When things went wrong with the system, he would call the company and command for everyone in the company I worked for to drop everything and come to the offices where the system had the issue. The staff members who were responsible for his account dreaded these calls because he would insult them very aggressively on the phone, and when they went to the offices, he would meet them and continue his insults and screams. My boss called me one day and explained the situation, and asked me to take the account over. I was the last person on his list. Everyone else had dropped that account because although it was very lucrative, the ugly fucker was so bad that it had made it not worth keeping it.

I told my boss to give the ugly fucker my number.

My phone rang, and after I said, “Good morning, this is Inelia. How can I help you today?” The barrage of insults began. I listened for a few seconds and hung up.

My phone ran again, and the man started with, “did you hang up on me you fucking bitch?”

I hung up again. After several attempts of him calling, I answered the phone and shouted at the man, “Listen you spoiled fucking bully! I am a lady and you will NOT insult me or treat me with anything but respect. If you insist on this behavior I will keep hanging up on you.” And I hung up on him.

After a few hours, the phone rang, I saw it was his number. I answered, “Good afternoon, Mr Rockwild, this is Inelia, how can I help you today?”

“Good afternoon, Miss Ahumada. I have an issue with the system you sold me. Would it be possible for you to go to the offices in Madrid and troubleshoot it?”

“Absolutely. I can be over at 4pm today.”

“Excellent, I will let my people know to expect you.”

A few days later, I got another call from him. In this call, he told me that no one in his entire life had ever stood up to him and demanded to be respected. As a very rich guy, he had lived his life treating people like shit, and they took it. They always took it. Until I answered the phone.

This became the nature of our exchange from that day forth. After a few months, I left the company I was working for. The owner of the company called me one day and asked me if I would stay as a consultant with that client because he would not accept anyone else. I stayed as his rep for the customer for 12 months, with a huge monthly retainer paid directly by the client.

The ugly-fucker can come up in the most gentle of people, and the reasons it comes up could be all sorts of things. Or the ugly-fucker could be the main ‘get it done now’ personality, as it was for that rich client. Either way, we, as light-workers, need to deal with our personal ugly-fucker and  “puffer fish” reactions.

If these reactions have been a staple of our lives, something that has always taken over in a moment of rage, or a coping mechanism of some sort, or if they are something completely out of character for us and it’s suddenly coming up now, we need to deal with it.

Allowing the ugly-fucker and puffer-fish to take over, feeds the low frequencies of the planet. We are being pushed from every direction to be ugly-fuckers at a nationwide and worldwide level as well as personal level. Yes, there is technology being used to amplify these energies. However, if there are no latch points in yourself, there is no way for it to catch.

My advice, find the inner ugly-fucker and use the “Stress Relief Exercise” on it. Change the word “stress” for the word “ugly fucker”. Psychoanalyzing and blaming others for your ugly-fuckerness is a useless exercise. It is best to handle it, and now is the time.

You can also try the Negative Energies Vanishing Spell.  Say it three times out loud.  By the third time saying it, you should use commanding force and energy.  This isn’t a passive spell, this uses your sovereign power.  

“It is my will that all negative entities, energies, intents, concepts, magick, thoughtforms, creations, and any and all agreements to allow these into my life through any situations whatsoever, are removed from my life and dispersed into the Universe with no return of any kind, now.” 

(this spell has been approved for public dissemination)

Enjoy 🙂

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