Relationships… Your needs and the needs of the Other…

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What has been in my attention field lately are relationships. From relationships with your significant other, to friendships, coworkers, children and parents.

There are some misconceptions that we carry around when it comes to our needs in a relationship.

In last month’s live conference at WalkWithMeNow, we looked at just that and I have decided to share this discussion with you as I think you will find it very useful (link at the end of the email).

In the video shared below, I make a few references to the “Sex, Love and Soulmates” course. The information in this video is useful by itself, but if you want to go into more depth I highly recommend you get the course if you haven’t already. I am presently promoting “Sex, Love and Soulmates” for a week at almost half the regular price. So now is your chance to grab it here. 🙂

A word of caution: this course is not for the lazy. It has a lot of material and exercises that you need to do. As we joked online “don’t expect to get fit just by reading about how to get fit… you need to do the exercises“.

And now, the recording about “our needs” and how to meet them within a relationship. Enjoy!

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