Religion and Aliens

During our look at 2024 broadcast, we talked about “bookmarks”; a series of words and events that will be pushed by the main media in the coming months, that will indicate the progress of our societal split from a single power over others reality into a reality where our true nature is correctly perceived (my definition of enlightenment).  

One of these bookmarks is the semi-official, or completely official, link between religion and the presence of ETs on “Earth” by the US Government and the main religions of the world.

As you read this article, keep in mind that we can often fall for the victim/aggressor paradigm as we start blaming others for the state of the world when it comes to information and education. But instead of falling into anger or frustration at what “they” are doing, know that I share this information so that you are knowledgeable of the agenda behind the events planned for 2024 and are able to consciously respond rather than get swept up in turbulent waters with a reactive state.  When you know what is planned for the purpose of inciting tension and separations, fighting and angry demonstrations, you must also know you have a choice about whether you’ll be joining the amplification of these feelings or not.  

At the end of the day, it’s all about our empowerment and capacity to stay at our true frequency for the majority of the day, every day.

This particular 2024 “bookmark” is fascinating to me in many ways. Primarily because understanding how people function at a level of religious, dogmatic, cultural or societal programs, is key to the empowerment of those who are awake or awakening on Earth.

When I was in highschool, the teacher of Religious Studies, a class that was part of the core curriculum, taught that religions were a response by society to the human need for expanded awareness, or, as he put it, religious experience.

When we think of the religious experience, we understand it to mean a moment in time when the person sees something that is larger than life, and gets carried by that experience out of their small mind and world into the perception, or understanding, of something much larger.

From a purely psychological perspective, as our teacher in Religious Studies taught us when I was a teen, this can happen in multiple ways. It can happen while watching a sunset, and it is the main drive for people to travel to foreign locations in order to experience things that are outside of their concept of normality. It is the reason why cathedrals were built to inspire awe, as well as palaces and the stage and light shows of famous singers during live concerts.

The person leaves feeling like they have been transported into a different realm. 

ET encounters, physical experiences as well as telepathic experiences, can radically change a person. It can completely change their life, their perception of reality and even turn on psychic abilities. It can, by all defined measures, be a religious experience.

It is not, therefore, a great jump to go from ET experience to religion at a subconscious societal level. This link between the ET experience and the life changing aspect of it, will be exploited to control the ET narrative of our culture. We will see increasing media narratives that link the two even if it is just through having both ideas in the same sentence or paragraph. Or having an ET story directly followed by a story of a religious leader or a main religion. The ideas of “religion” and “ET” become  linked in that manner at a subconscious level.  

The words used for “ET” and “UFO” have been changed to “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” and it is possible that this has been done to introduce religion into the equation. It’s hard, for example, to go from “ET UFO” to a sighting of the Virgin Mary, but less hard to go from an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon to God’s Mother. 

Religious ideas will come in the form of the “Virgin Mary”, “The Lady” (in all her formats), as well as “Angels”, “Demons” and “Spirits”.

Why do we need to be aware of this link in narratives? And why does it matter? 

People are waking up and becoming more perceptive all over the world. As this happens, we start seeing more of the Universe and all the creatures within it. If we don’t know what’s happening, then we look for authorities that can explain it to us. Governments and religions will gladly comply and provide narratives that will keep them as authorities over your life, and thus in power over others.

Governments and Religions in a power over others paradigm, place themselves between the people and the people’s higher-self. As the people start perceiving that larger reality, religions and governments need to insert themselves between people and what they are perceiving. 

The narrative will come with energies of “fear” or “faith”. Energies that most people react to by giving away their power to something they think will protect them, or explain the unexplainable in a manner that doesn’t disrupt the order too much.

If we see these things reported in the mass media outlets and have no definition or don’t know what is happening, the mass media will happily create a narrative for us where we are hopeless, vulnerable and have to trust in “higher powers” and “authorities” to explain it or protect us from it.

Our job is to respond instead of react. As our perceptions allow us to personally see these UFOs or ETs (or other names we may decide to give to them), we can know that it is a natural side effect of our collective raising of awareness. We can therefore respond accordingly and not fall for fear or other agendas set in the scripted narratives those who are keen to stay in a “power over others” world, are pushing. We will define our experience based on the correct perception of our own true nature, and therefore comprehend the true nature of what we perceive.

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