Reviewing 2024 – Half way there…

In December 2023, I released the “Inelia Looking at 2024” live call and video. The first part was self-censored to fit with the requirements of non-disclosure at youtube and other social media. The second part is behind a paywall hosted at our own servers so that it cannot be taken down.

In this article, and the podcast that accompanies it, I will skim over the information I revealed in Dec ‘23 at a public level. And during the Deepdive in the second part of this podcast we can go into the uncensored items and information.

My look at the year ahead is also from two perspectives. One is what the darkworkers are up to on Earth, and the other is what the lightworkers are up to, or should be up to, during the same timeframe. 

During the public section, I gave some bookmarks to watch out for during 2024. These bookmarks indicate that the split is happening according to the larger human collective scheduled plan. During the private session, there are more bookmarks that I can’t talk about publicly, not because I don’t want to, but because the ears that don’t want to hear it, don’t allow it in their networks.

These are the public bookmarks:

  • Bill Gates comes back in the news
  • Obama makes a comeback in the news
  • People in monkey suits
  • Link between ETs and Religion – Return of the Mother / Devil
  • Apple hints at their latest technology being ET in nature with words such as “out of this world” or similar ideas.
  • Exhaustion and being tired – drama fatigue/overwhelm.
  • AI used to create a split between fear of AI and AI is the best thing ever

So far, what I have personally seen from the above list are:

  • Link between ETs and Religion
  • Exhaustion and being tired – drama fatigue
  • AI used to create a split between “fear of AI” and “AI is the best thing ever”.

The link between ETs and Religion has been coming in fast and furious. I have also been surprised about how prolific this particular bookmark has become in the first half of the year. The top podcasters are covering it, large TV networks and livestreams, and popular social media such as Youtube and TikTok. 

Exhaustion and drama fatigue I have felt personally and have had reports and heard comments among people I know, people in the street and some media outlets. It is not a mild passing thing, it can be life changing in that people will make huge decisions while feeling this way, when in fact it’s not a personal crisis, but an artificial one.

The conflicting AI equation “is it good? Is it bad?” Has also been very interesting to me. From AI entering our lives on most, if not all, search engines on the internet, to the new Apple devices heavily implementing and supporting AI in their new generation of devices, and an infamous ad that showed the destruction of human art (and forms) to be replaced with one of their devices, to movies that contain both the destructive and scary AI as well as the friendly, supportive AI.

Again, these items are not one off things that you have to search heavily to find. They are strong, powerful and impinge in your attention even if you are not tuned into the public opinion outlets.

The reason I released the “Looking at 2024” video, and I am looking at what is happening so far, is because by becoming aware of the larger picture, the larger stage, we are able to make conscious decisions about our lives. When we know what is actually happening, we are no longer leaves blowing in the wind.

That’s it for my article, we will discuss this further on our podcast at and we will go full on deepdive and uncensored with our expert panelists on the token $8 a month paid wall for our podcast. See you there!

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