Riding the Waves of Beginings

A few days ago, from the release date of this newsletter and podcast, we would have had our Looking at 2024 live call and by the time you read this, we will be in January and you will have a lot of information on what to prepare for in the coming year.

This article explores other ways to prepare for a new year. 

New Years are celebrated in many cultures. In fact, I have not been to or known of a culture that does not do it. The timing of these dates, when the year begins, or a seasonal cycle begins, vary. 

The variation of the date of beginning only matters to us when we are able to identify with the date. For example, we may celebrate on the 1st of January if we live in the west. This one is a MASSIVE wave because people throughout the world have adopted it and it is televised as it travels the world with the sun rising in different continents and countries. 

The date itself as a beginning edge is not as powerful as the shortest day of the year, which is followed by the swapping of shrinking days to elongating days. That is the date on which we can ride Global energies. We could even say Astral and Cosmic energies too.  But our artificially created New Year is also good simply from the perspective that the majority of the human collective celebrates it and perceives it as a beginning.

Another great New Year to put in our calendar and use as a new beginning is the Chinese New Year. It also has millions, if not billions, of people celebrating it. This happens in a lunisolar configuration combining spring (yes a great start of a cycle) and the new moon  that appears between 21 January and 20 February. This one gives us the double whammy of a new moon and Spring.

And, yes, we can ride new beginnings at the start of Spring, Equinox, Solstice, and every new moon. If any of these combine with our artificial calendar depicting the 1st of the month, even better.

Artificial dates are not as powerful as seasonal, lunar and solar cycles, but they are good.

If you have some important magic to do, then get up very early, and wait for the very first spark of light from the sun to appear on the horizon. This is a powerful beginning that happens every day.  Not only that, but according to a new biology student of Dr Tom Cowen, that edge will also structure your body’s water.

The human New Year’s wave lasts about two weeks in a powerful way so it’s not just about the second after midnight on the 31st of December. You will be able to tell when it’s over, when you stop thinking, “wow we are in 2024 already”.

How can you use these edges? Begin new projects, inject intent of things you want manifested into reality, begin new practices, habits and relationships. Anything you want to grow does well at the edge of something beginning.  The bigger the beginning the bigger the impact.  So a sunrise edge is well suited for small matters, but can be used daily for many days for larger changes and beginnings. A New Year for life changing beginnings, and a decadal edge or other measured cycles, like stelar cycles, for big intentions.

How fast and how long it takes or lasts, this depends more on your intent and willingness than it does on the edges we may tap into. Have a strong enough “why” and any edge will do.


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