Riding the Waves of Transformation

It is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and, if you happen to be in the Southern Hemisphere, it is clearly Autumn. 

Both Spring and Autumn are times of transformation. We can see the transformations happening around us with trees, plants, animals and even people. But when it comes to people, it is an energy which has been guided and used by those in power who know how to drive the human collective. That is, guided and used by them unless you are self aware of your own and the planet’s transformational energy, then no one can drive you but yourself.

That’s why I’m bringing this to conscious awareness. This energy, and also the transformation that happens with it, is something we need to take charge of. The energies of Spring and Autumn are similar in many ways, yet social engineers have been programming us to see these times of transformation as very different.

Let’s look at Spring and Autumn and how we can tap into them in order to function from a wider awareness field and also at a higher-frequency baseline. But first, let’s check the meaning of the word “transform”.

word-forming element meaning “across, beyond, through, on the other side of, to go beyond,” from Latin trans (prep.) “across, over, beyond,”

from the Latin forma “form, contour, figure, shape; appearance, looks; a fine form, beauty; an outline, a model, pattern, design; sort, kind condition.”

Looking at the word “transform” alone, we can get a fair idea of what is happening around and within us.  We are forming through something. The transformation I am addressing in this article is the edge between slumber and activity planetwide.

Often, this is the time we start or leave relationships, jobs, houses, territories, hobbies and all sorts of other things. It is also the time when we naturally tend to clean up our energy fields for the stillness of a long winter ahead, or to make room for the gathering or movement of a fresh start in spring.  Social programmers will have us only clean in Spring and go into stillness in Autumn. Making our energy all lopsided.

If we ignore these planetary energies of transformation, we will tend to get the feeling of being “stuck”, or “overwhelmed”.  Depression and despondency are also side effects of not moving with the energies that our agreed upon reality cycles through. From these low frequencies, we empower and open a door for the programmers of society to offer up a reality they want created by you, but not for you.

So, here are my suggestions on how to ride the waves of transformation in a high-frequency, empowered, and effective way:

  1. We begin with claiming this time of transformation for ourselves, and our prime purpose for being here on this planet now.
  1. Next – cleansings. Clean your home, your workspace, your car, your computer, your relationships and your body. This part is about releasing.
  1. Restock, renew, revitalize, reconnect and reestablish.

For number One: Making a clear and conscious decision on where and what we want to be as we transform is very important. The one I suggest you use is the following: 

“My prime purpose to be here on Earth right now is to embody and express my true frequency and allow the environment to reflect it back to me in the form of experiences of that same frequency.” 

For number Two: I would say that on the physical objects part, a good physical cleaning followed by a saging, or energy cleaning is perfect. You can also go around the house, workplace, car or computer and remove at least three items you have not used for the past year. For your relationships, write down everyone who is important in your life and follow your guidance on how to clean and improve those relationships. Do you need closure? Do you need to express love? Do you need to spend time with that person? Less time with that person? Do those things this week. 

For number Three: Often, when we think of Spring and Autumn and the transformation we go through during those times, it feels like we mostly remove stuff that we have gathered. In other words, most people concentrate on Number Two and forget about Number Three. But Number Three is very important. Yes, releasing is important, but so is restocking, renewing, revitalizing, reconnecting and reestablishing things, projects, and people in our lives.

Around us at our home we are now gifted by the sight of baby deer, flowers sprouting from the ground, fresh and crispy air, longer days and beautiful sunsets. These things give us a perfect opportunity to reconnect with the physical reality we came here to have.  In Autumn we similarly experience the falling splendidly colored leaves, the crisp air, the longer evenings, and of course, always the beautiful sunsets that are even more accessible as they come earlier and earlier.

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