Sasquatch have strong boundaries and want privacy, but sometimes they want to hang out.

I’m going to tell you a little story from one of the tribes in the North West of the United States.  The story is from oral memory, and although it has been written down in a book or two, it is not very well known to the majority of the world’s population.

I want to tell you this story to illustrate that the “want to prove or disprove the existence or nature of Sasquatch” is not shared by the majority of the village/tribal people of the world, but is indeed a “modern” and dare I say “white” perspective.  To qualify the word “white”, in the native perspective, this does not necessarily mean white skin, it means colonial mindset.. A person’s skin can be black, brown, white, or any other color, they could even be native by birth, but if the person is not part of a particular native tribal mindset, then that person is labeled “white”.

The story goes something like this:

There was a time, not that long ago, remembered still by some elders as they heard it from their great-grandparents, that the Gods came down in their ships and told all the tribes that they needed to gather to receive “souls”. 

Most of the tribes were compelled and excited at the prospect and turned up on the day and place in question to receive their souls. Except there was one tribe who wanted nothing to do with ‘catching’ a soul and didn’t go there.  This tribe is called the “Sasquatch tribe”. 

The other tribes accepted the Sasquatch tribe’s decision, and still dealt with them in the same way that they dealt with other tribes who had received souls. They traded for goods and medicine, they had agreements and arrangements around fishing, hunting and harvesting, and they pretty much left them to themselves.

This story is considered “true history” by the tribes that know it. 

My personal connection to them began slowly, gradually and organically, in 2014. They didn’t just appear one day to say hello. No, they took their time. 

At first I didn’t know I was perceiving Sasquatch communication. To me, it was simply communication from some sort of intelligent group in the area. But slowly, and surely, the communication became clearer and culminated in seeing one of them physically in our backyard.

After that, Larry and I got more curious about the whole Sasquatch area of research. 

Some years in, we came across a documentary made by Todd Standing called, “Discovering Bigfoot”. Now, the reason that the movie piqued our awareness was because when we were watching it, Larry’s mom, Deanna, an elder of the Makah Tribe on the NW of the USA, was walking past the television, looked up and shouted, “look! That’s a Sasquatch! That’s exactly what they look like. That’s what I saw in the woods by the road just a few weeks ago.”

Although I had seen a Sasquatch in our backyard, I had not seen his face. Only his body from the chest down running through the woods. His shoulders and head were hidden by tree branches.  I’d also heard a couple of them talking in a gibberish oriental type quick speak.  I have even recorded multiple long and extremely loud wails.  

Larry and I, of course, then started to pay good attention to the documentary, contacted Todd, and invited him to the Rez for a chat.  

When Todd arrived, the Sasquatch locals became very, very interested in him. So much so that when Todd first got here, they wanted to interview him. They had a lot of questions for him, and asked me for permission to speak to him through me.  

I absolutely trust the local tribe of Sasquatch, and so I agreed. Their questions about this man, his intentions, the intentions of the other members of his party, and what they were going to do with the information, were very important to the Sasquatch. Why?

Because Sasquatch have very strong boundaries and want privacy.

When Todd agreed on their terms, they then gave information on where to go and what to look for. They would make sure to make “comfortable” contact with him and two of the three members of his party. The third member, Todd was told, they would put to sleep and Todd must not try to wake him up or the Sasquatch would cancel their attempt to make physical contact with him and the other two people. 

Why do Sasquatch agree to be seen by some people and not others?

In most of the USA, they do have an agreement with the human collective to stay out of our awareness as long as they are left alone to carry on with their lives undisturbed. But there are some people who they are very very interested in communicating with.

There are some individuals on Earth who do have very powerful genetic connections with the Sasquatch. These men and women are often, but not always, obsessed with Sasquatch, but whether they are or not, Sasquatch are obsessed about them and repeatedly attempt to make contact, be seen, be heard, be connected.

Todd is a bit like that. Whenever he announces he’s coming to visit the Rez, the Sasquatch in the area become very excited about it. They leave signs, and become available to experiential telepathy and physical visits seemingly to make known good places for him to spend time at.  Tribal members, from the Makah Tribe, who also have a deep connection with the Sasquatch, also suddenly start calling and talking about Sasquatch.

Most modern individuals demand to see photos and videos that are impossible to refute, which is no longer a choice with the era of deepfakes. Or they want a Sasquatch in a zoo, a dead body to examine. But the fact is that Sasquatch are not interested in all people believing they exist. They will visit with, and make themselves perceivable and visible to what for us appear to be random people, but having gotten to know them a bit better, it feels to me that those who see or interact with Sasquatch are not random at all. They are a part of a long-standing village or tribal agreement, or have demonstrated an ability or affinity to uphold that longstanding agreement  to respect “Sasquatch’s strong boundaries and privacy”.

We asked Todd if he would speak with us about his experiences with Sasquatch and expeditioners, and his thoughts on this article, and he agreed. You can listen to our conversation with Todd here:

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