Sasquatch Season is back! Or did they ever leave?

A lot of things happen at the Olympic Peninsula during Autumn. One of them is the return to the Ozette valley of the Sasquatch tribes in the area. 

For a lot of people in the West, the Sasquatch is a fantasy creature that does not exist. But here, in the Olympic Peninsula and in particular the Makah Reservation and surrounding area, Sasquatch are just another tribe that has a long history of trading with the Makah and other Native tribes, and sightings are common.

Sasquatch art and the iconic walking Sasquatch image is everywhere in this area. They are definitely top center of the collective consciousness of everyone who lives here, not just the Native American tribes.

Every year we feel the Sasquatch presence leave the Peninsula, or become much less, and then return in September, October, November. They stay present until around May, at which point they seem to become “quiet”. It is the same with the elk and we have thought that perhaps the two are related. That the Sasquatch and the elk move around together.

This year things were a little different. Both the elk and the Sasquatch stayed present in the valley for the entire summer. It was odd.  Usually the elk babies are born somewhere else and by the time the herds are back, they are quite big. Not this year. This year we saw those pretty elk babies all over the Ozette valley.

The great majority of the contact Larry and I have with the Sasquatch is via experiential telepathy and physical signs left in the woods. We have seen and heard them physically too, but it is not common for us to do so. And that’s the type of contact that usually goes away in the summer months.

So here is the question I wanted us to look at together: Do the Sasquatch and elk leave the valley, or does our collective field of attention (humans), go elsewhere during the Spring and Summer seasons so we don’t feel them as much if at all?

One might think, well the elk are clearly not physically present during the warmer months usually but they were this year. And with the Sasquatch, the connection didn’t fade this summer. It stayed strong and present for me, but for Larry, who connects with the Sasquatch through physical signs, they only just came back. 

Also I have noticed something odd this year. It is as though the capacity that we have to orchestrate the seeing or not seeing of people and animals has generally changed. 

For example, we drive down the road and see three massive herds of elk by the side of the road, and some on the road. A person can be driving two minutes behind us and they see no elk at all.

Or we go to the DMV office in town, an office renowned for two hour long queues and crabby workers, and when we get there (twice in the middle of the work week), it is completely empty and the workers are happy and friendly.

Two different realities? For me, the DMV office is a place that never has a queue and the people who work there are super nice and friendly. 

So, have the Sasquatch and elk always stayed in the valley and it was us who “moved” somewhere else in experience and attention? Or did they really leave?

Just a few thoughts. I look forward to expanding this conversation in our Driving to the Rez Podcast free first part and especially on the Second Part, which our sponsors access with their Subscribestar and Walk With Me Now subscriptions. 

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