Saving the Earth – Saving Humans

There is a distinct preoccupation with saving the planet, humans and animals on Earth. When we are born here, we are instantly responsible for our environment, which is after all part of us.

This is not the saving I am talking about.

People suffer.

Other people want to stop people suffering.

They want to stop people suffering even though the people who are suffering are actually doing so by their own choice.

Unless a person decides they have had enough suffering and want to stop suffering, there is nothing anyone can do to help them.

More, a great majority of individuals put a lot of value and treasure suffering like it was made of gold and diamonds. The gold and diamonds that will pay their ticket to salvation and heaven.

YOU are not here to save the world, and nor am I. We are not here to save anyone. We are here to BE HERE NOW.

If a beggar in the street asks you for money, you can do several things, one is to give him money and move on. Another is not to give him money because he will use it to buy drugs or alcohol and you judge that to be wrong. Another is to give him a lecture about his predicament. Another is to buy him food. Another is to try to save him by taking him to a shelter or addiction treatment center, or back to his family.

What is the right thing to do?

Well, any really. There is no judgment.

If you try to save him by taking him to a shelter or addiction treatment facility, you are wasting your time, but at least it will make you feel good.
Unless, of course, the beggar came to you in the street and said, “please help me, I am sick and tired of being an addict, I want to get my life back, please help me.”
If this was to happen, I reckon that your actions will be very effective and the addict will recover.

How likely is that scenario to happen? Not very.

And there is the key and the problem. You cannot save every addict beggar in the street.

How does this compare to the rest of the population?

It is the same.

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