See me, don’t see me

“See me, don’t see me” is an energy that many lightworkers have. 

On the one hand, lightworkers are very much “people persons”. They go out of their way to help others, create high-frequency interactions and groups that support, heal and build. 

On the other hand, we can be expert lone-wolves, want to be left alone, are more comfortable on their own and will often end up living by themselves, with dogs, cats, horses or goats (put pet name here), or in a temple like apartment, which is sound proof and separate from the rest of city they might live in.

In the past few months, in fact from August last year, Larry, sometimes myself, and some of my students who live on the Olympic Peninsula (and Oregon), have been going to physical fairs and events to tell the Universe that we are ready to be seen, and made contact with.

For a while, Larry said it was to break through the shadow banning we have been experiencing on the Internet. It is hard, he said, to be shadowbanned when you are physically there.

Well… we managed to shadowban ourselves even at physical events. It was quite extraordinary how our physical location and other orchestrations came about to create an experience of very few or no customers at every location.

The journey to be physically available to the human collective has been very illuminating. Here are some of the things we saw, and some of the things we have worked on, to make it work.

  1. Although we do want to be well known, recognized and sought after, we prefer the comfort of anonymity.
  2. We find the unawake masses hard to be around, both at an energetic level and at a physical level.
  3. Our “why” to be physically seen and reached was not clear, and when we began to discuss it, it was not the same among the individuals who joined us in this experiment.
  4. We had some clear and very obvious objections to having people come to our stands. Albeit, they were unconscious and expressed at a body language level.
  5. The energy of “see me, don’t see me” was very strong and powerful.
  6. We went from trying to do over a dozen things in the stalls, to concentrating on a handful. Eventually, I think, it will go down to one item.

After each event, the core team of participants to this experiment would get together and discuss what they had perceived, explore ways to make the “why” fit into the outer intent, and process firewalls and programs that would be shouting “don’t see me” even though the outer intent was “see me”. 

“See me, don’t see me” is an expression I am using that indicates a person who invites another to interact with them, chat, be friends, enter the store, but as soon as the other person does, they ask them to leave and become unfriendly or close the door in their face.

After several events, the energies for everyone in the group started to become clear and more cohesive. Individuals began to own what they wanted out of the event, and why they, individually, were taking part.

One of the most amazing things I saw was Larry stepping into his Elder role, and giving a class on a skill he developed called “Crystal Scrying”.

Each person who has been participating has had a massive growth in their own life about why they are here on Earth right now. It’s been quite the journey.

Just as an FYI, the same team that organizes the physical events are in the discussion panel for the second hour of our Driving To The Rez podcast. Make sure to get it to hear what their experience has been. It has been a fascinating journey so far.

If you are experiencing the “see me, don’t see me” energy in your life, start with figuring out your “why” for being here. Then, make sure that your body is on board to being available for others and if he/she is not, then work through the “why” he/she is not. Often, it’s fear based on the uncomfortable experiences that happened in the past when connecting to other people.

Then, put yourself out there and observe what happens when you do. This will give you lots of data on what programs might be running.

You see, shadowbanning is not “done to us” without our agreement. And, the agreement is more often than not, an unconscious thing and something we can overcome.

Why is it important to know all this and try out being available to others? Because our job is to be part of the Brilliance of Lightworkers around the world who are stepping up to lead the human collective into a wonderful and light filled world. If you don’t do it, who’s gonna?

Let’s do this!

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