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These past few months have been very busy with Inelia traveling to Europe and also with lots of activity going on over the new Walk With Me Now platform.

And with the Christmas holiday just around the corner, our gift to you is an audio recording from one of Inelia’s events and also a general 20% discount for any product in our store.

Here is the link for the audio recording download:

Inelia Benz in France, Montpelier, Nov 20th, 2014 (no longer available)

This MP3 is the edited audio of the first part of the November 20th event in Barcelona, Spain. Here Inelia introduces the “Energetic Hello” and then talks about our physical bodies: reconnecting with the body and addressing physical conditions. (The audio is in English with subsequent translation into French).

This offer is available until 28th of December :).

If you want to buy one of our products as a gift for somene else, you can do so. Just purchase the product as you would normaly do and then send your order number to: [email protected] along with the name and email of person who will receive your gift 🙂

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 – Ilie
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