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I know why you are here, do you?

I know why you are here, do you?

You were born at this time in the world, and what a confusing and upside-down time it is, for one and only ONE reason: To Embody The High-Frequency Paradigm. In order to do that, you need the following: Figure out what High-Frequency means. What paradigms are. Become aware that you are a permanent and non-stop … Read more

I read that you are still irritated

I read that you are still irritated - Inelia Benz

Who, me? You may ask. Or maybe you are saying, “hell yeah, that’s me alright!” Well, just to let you know, there’s technology our human collective is using to bring down your frequency. Why would anyone want to do that? You may ask. And I sure did. Here is why: Thousands of years ago, we … Read more

Ready for Love? Get this powerful sigil

Inelia Benz - Paiting

Yup, I promised you Key sigils for your life and here is the second one. For the first one “Lifting the Veil of Forgetfulness” go here: Lifting the Veil of Forgetfulness Love is super, SUPER, important in our lives. We know this is true so I won’t beat around the bush. You need to get … Read more

Do you trust me?

Do you trusts me? - Inelia Benz

The other day I got a newsletter from my pet food supplier saying, “Trust me when I say…”. That was the title of the email. I didn’t like that title. I don’t know this guy and anyway, does he even write his own newsletters? And from all the other newsletters I get from him, I … Read more

Are your pets going nuts?

Are Your Pets Going Nuts? - Inelia Benz

Last week something happened that was upsetting. There is nothing wrong with that as I often get upset, but this time the level of upset was out of the ordinary for me. I wondered, what just happened? Why am I reacting this way? Then, during the night, my pet dog PB was extremely unsettled. She … Read more

The More of Us Who Remember: Powerful Sigil for YOU

Some years ago, I developed a sigil that will help all the awakened lightworkers lift the veil of forgetfulness to the level their higher self has chosen. The more of us who lift the veil, the higher that chosen level will get. You can download the sigil here, and print it out to put around … Read more

ETs the Moon and us

On the podcast of the 14th of March 2022, Larry and I discussed the “moon” equation at length. What is it? Where did it come from? What’s it for? Who’s on it, if anyone? Have we ever visited it (humans on Earth)?  A lot of people are still surprised by a person telling them that … Read more