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NDEs – What do people come back with?

Inelia Benz - NDEs - What do people come back with?

People have Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and often come back with a lot of information, or a mission, directions, orders, instructions or interpretations of what happened to them. Although many have familiar patterns, people’s interpretations of what happened in the “in between place” or “the other side” can be radically different. And what they decide … Read the full article

Psychonautics ABC

Psychonautics ABC

I was just reading an excellent article by fellow substack essayist Sol Luckman on “cults”, when I saw he used the word “psychonaut” in it. My article today is not about cults, but about the ins and outs of being “psychonauts”, and one of the best protocols I have found to enter altered states of … Read the full article

Trust in higher-self choices

Trust in higher-self choices.

Why is this happening to me? We often ask, or hear others asking.  As lightworkers, we often want to figure this out, and when it comes to negative interactions, we try to stop these from happening, which is the correct way to respond to them.  You are not here to have negative low-frequency interactions. That … Read the full article

See me, don’t see me

“See me, don’t see me” is an energy that many lightworkers have.  On the one hand, lightworkers are very much “people persons”. They go out of their way to help others, create high-frequency interactions and groups that support, heal and build.  On the other hand, we can be expert lone-wolves, want to be left alone, … Read the full article