Soul Purpose

The question, “what is your soul purpose?” is easy to answer, but difficult to hear. What all of us have as our soul purpose is to BE HERE, IN PRESENT TIME. And to expand our awareness to the highest level we can. This can be done most easily by quieting the mind at least once a day for 20 – 30 minutes. This doesn’t have to be on one sitting. If you are so busy, or your environment so stimulating, that it is hard for you to get 30 minutes of peace, download some of the 5 minute MP3 exercises (one and two) These are quick and very effective.

However, each person, of course, has a unique soul purpose journey.

It is easy to find out what your unique soul purpose journey is, if you accept the fact that your ego will have the main say.  And this is the crunch because in the larger scheme of things, this will not be a satisfactory answer. This is where our ego comes in. And rightly so! Without the ego we will not survive in today’s society.  The ego wants importance, meaning and goals.  Something we can achieve, something we can look back on and feel satisfied with.

This is your soul journey.  The soul journey is the work we do to explore and expand on our, “rightness.”  After all, we have been made wrong since the moment we were born. This is our chance to do, and become, right. And, if it wasn’t for our soul journey we wouldn’t even share information on our discoveries, there would be no art, no music, no technology, no relationships… in other words, no civilization.

Here is how you can find out what your soul journey is:

Firstly, choose whether you have a calling to lead others, such as teaching or guiding, or to follow others.

Then decide whether a role in spiritual teachings is your calling, or one in psychic awareness, or one in social improvement of some kind, that does not involve spiritual callings or psychic matters.

Do you like to be the center of attention or do you prefer to be in the background?

Do you like to control or go with the flow?

After that look around your room and explore what theme you have the most objects related to.  Whatever it is you have the most objects about, this is your area of interest. Put all these together and you will have a good starting soul journey that will be satisfying and bring a lot of positive results in your life and that others.




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