Spotting Power Over Others Narratives

This topic deserves a class. Larry and I will think about how to present one that is both practical in spotting Power Over Other narratives, and provides solutions for addressing many of the popularized ones on Earth right now.

For now, I would like to simply start this conversation, or continue it, in a way that brings light and clarity around what narratives there are and how they are being used. 

We talked about narratives around UFOs on our last newsletter and Driving To The Rez Podcast episode.

Let’s begin with the question: What is a Narrative?

A Narrative is the telling of a story or account of events, experiences, or the like, whether true or fictitious.

Mystics, from times immemorial, have known that the “word” creates reality. Even within our own iBenz Method of Instant Manifestation, we spend a lot of time on a “believable story” that will bring about our desired result. The story around something, not only makes it real (for each person) but also colors and dictates the experience the person will have about the thing.

For example, imagine you see a fast flying object in the sky, which then turns instantly in a 90 degree angle, and flies off and vanishes. At the same time, you see one of our fastest planes slowly making its way across the sky.

Imagine the effect of seeing this scene just after reading one of the following three narratives (only one is real):

Narrative One:

“We are experiencing a growing number of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and our governments have sent the airforce to shoot them down as they may be hostile. Our airforce successfully shot them down, eliminating all possible threats. We are presently harvesting and reverse engineering the materials for our military and technological advancement. ”

Narrative Two:

“As the human collective’s awareness expands, we are going to start seeing, and finding ways to record, the presence of objects in the sky that are not created by us. As we examine these, we find that they are part of larger civilizations on Earth which are more advanced both technologically and culturally than we are.”

Narrative Three:

“The Galactic Council of The Light is presently sending ships and drones to Earth to test our readiness in being part of the Universal Alliance of Planets. How we receive and treat these vessels and drones will dictate what happens to our species going forward.”

As you play with the results, emotional, mental and social, of these three narratives, you will start to get an idea of how controlling a narrative can control reality as it is being experienced by the people of Earth.

The important aspect about spotting manipulative artificial narratives versus narratives that simply express reality, is that by learning how to spot them, differentiate between them, and getting good at it, not only do we affect our own lives for the better, but we also bring a breeze of clarity and light to the rest of the human collective that has chosen both expansion of awareness and a high-frequency life.

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