Want to know my powerful spring ritual?

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Want to know my powerful spring ritual?

I Ascension101 myself every Spring!

How do I do this? I simply re-do the Ascension101 course!

The winter is over and we traditionally Spring-clean our homes. Out with the old, in with the new! Fresh flowers replace cluttered, dusty surfaces. Home feels great. But what about our mind and bodies?

At Ascension 101 we are in the habit of doing a spring-clean on our physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies too, by Ascension101’ing ourselves.

Many individuals have done the course multiple times already and every time we do the course, something new comes up for us to use that we hadn’t even heard the previous times. This time, in the spring, it is a tool that will help us “tune” all our bodies into the new Song being played on this physical reality we call Earth, which is really ramping up during this time of renewal.  And this is the intent we can use while doing the Course, to Tune IN to Gaia, Sun, and the Universal Mind quality of vibration for this period in linear time.

So join us in the spring ascension101’ing; grab your mp3 player and redo your ascension101 course. You’ll be surprised by what comes up, and what dissolves, leaving you lighter and clearer .

If you haven’t yet purchased the Ascension101 eCourse and you would like to join me and the rest of the team at Ascension101 in the springtime ascension101’ing, you can purchase it now, for a limited time with a 25% discount!

In JoyLightLove,

  – Inelia and the team.

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