Stop trying to wake people up!

If you are like me, then you have probably been trying to WAKE PEOPLE UP  for years now.  We don’t give up! We go on, and on, and on, about what the world is really like, why they should:

  1. Stop watching TV, especially the news and talk shows.
  2. Stop drinking alcohol and taking drugs for pleasure.
  3. Stop vaccinating.
  4. Stop eating non-nutritional foods.
  5. Realize that governments are there for their own benefit and not ours.
  6. Take charge of our own discernment and trust on our own capacity to figure out truth from untruth.
  7. Step out of the victim/aggressor cycle.
  8. Become empowered, awake, conscious, responsive individuals.
  9. Look for and, or, create high frequency work, educational systems, social groups.

The list is LONG.

Well, stop it.

Don’t tell anyone anything else. Don’t try to wake them up, help them, guide them or do anything that they have clearly stated they are not interested in.

The time to wake people up IS OVER.

Now IS THE TIME TO UNITE, with those who are already awake.  It is time to get together with others who are ready and willing to create the new social systems we so desperately need. It is time to get active in finding and joining with the HIGH FREQUENCY PEOPLE on the planet. 

Yes… you can keep relationships with sleepers, but don’t push your views on them. Simply enjoy them for who they are and what they have chosen. Minimize your exposure to fear mongering sleepers in your life and instead increase your exposure to awakened and responsive co-creators who are actively embodying the New Paradigm.



Unsure where to find them? 

  1. Join me at
  2. Set up notices at your local stores and areas to get together and create new systems.
  3. Do you have a hobby? Create a virtual room and invite people to join you once a week.
  4. Keep all interactions high frequency! This means “respond” and don’t “react”.
  5. Research for and join high frequency social creation groups.
  6. Watch out for spiritual predators

So, it is time to UNITE WITH HIGH FREQUENCY PEOPLE and to leave the sleepers alone

Go for it!

Inelia Benz
PS: On this topic – listen to the next podcast.

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