Suffering and Ascension

Suffering and pain is part of being human. Pain will happen with injuries and loss. These can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Suffering is the attachment to that pain.

As a human being we have lived many lives and had suffered every kind of injury, death and loss that is possible here on Earth. We have had our spirit broken so many times that it would seem impossible for us to ever recover from it.

Yet we persist.

There are other beings who have lived full cycles of their existence in other realms. Although those realms will give them very particular experiences, they don’t compare to what they can experience on Earth. Not that one is superior to the other. In fact many who have done their full cycles here on Earth will be born into those other realms to experience life there too.

When a very fine vibrational being comes to a very heavy vibrational reality such as ours, he or she will arrive with a full entourage to make the journey with him or her. His or her experiences here on Earth will be felt by the entire group, all of them learning what it is like to BE human.

A lot of the time the fine vibrational being will stay connected to his or her reality in the finer vibrational realms and will go through life from that perspective. They will see the differences between their experience of what life is and the experience of humans very clearly, but often will not delve all the way into the human experience. The person will always feel like an outsider, different and often “superior” to the rest of humanity.

At some point, the person might choose to delve all the way and to do this they have to lose all contact with their vibrational family and reality. Because they are not equipped to survive on Earth as an earthling, the person will often go into a deep and desperate cycle of loss and pain.

Is this necessary?

Only if the person wants to experience true duality.

The person’s vibrational family will feel the loss as much as the person who has gone into disconnect. They cannot do anything to reconnect. Not until the person is ready and expands his or her perception back to a wider spectrum, a spectrum wide enough to encompass communication (in the form of presence, love, messages) from their vibrational family.

How can the person widen their spectrum? It can happen in an instant. It is done by becoming completely and utterly human NOW. Experiencing present moment fully and unaltered through his or her senses, the person is immediately connected to his or her entire being. Including that which is part of a finer vibrational family.

But a lot of people are not here from finer vibrational realities. They are here as humans and have been humans for a long time and many of them are addicted to suffering. These last ones think that if they don’t suffer they will not evolve, will not appreciate beauty and happiness and will not grow.

Yet, all a person need to do to appreciate, be happy and grow is BE HERE NOW and APPRECIATE, BE HAPPY AND GROW. Feel the unconditional divine love which is the persons essence and simply experience life.

Like a skier going down a mountain, she doesn’t hold on to the snow she slides on, she doesn’t try to hold the fresh cool air that touches her skin, she doesn’t hold on to the trees that speed past her and she doesn’t wait to experience those things after she is done skiing. She simply experiences them in present time. If she tried to do anything else but be in present time, she would not really experience skiing, she would experience something else completely. She would experience suffering.

Suffering is the holding on of something past the event or incident. This includes waiting for something else to happen.

All a person gets from suffering is simply the experience of suffering. Nothing else.

A woman recently wanted me to honor and respect her path of suffering and gave me a lecture on how Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and other heroes suffered and how if they had not suffered they could not have done the work they have done on Earth. Well, I will not honor and respect her path. I accept it and understand it is important to her. But in my personal experience, suffering is a complete and utter waste of time and energy, unless one wants to experience suffering itself. In which case it makes sense.

In my humble opinion, I would say, that instead of suffering, experience life NOW.

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