Tartaria – A hidden history or fake agenda?

Tartaria, or Tartary, is the name given to an alleged advanced world civilization that existed on Earth before ours.

As I have traveled widely around Europe and the Americas, some of these claims fit perfectly well into what I have witnessed. In many ways, what we are told the 1700s and 1800s looked like, and what we see in the world as architecture for those eras, are very conflicting.

Even before that, there are structures that cannot be explained even with today’s technological advances. As in, we cannot build them at the moment with the equipment we have now.

Some photographs and paintings of the period are also very conflicting. There is one of San Francisco in the 1800s which is an empty area, while a few years later there is a rendition of San Francisco as a fully built and bustling city.

We still don’t know how the pyramids in Egypt were built, or when. They were certainly recorded to exist before the 1700s. There are hundreds of pyramids around the world that now look like mountains. Some have been discovered, some have not.

What happened between them being built and now? How come nature took them over, covered them in a thick layer of dirt and were then forgotten by the populations in those places?

Yet… and yet, there is something that does not fit into this. And this thing is that articles and posts about Tartaria are grabbed by the algorithms and highly promoted in all social media. When I see this happen, I get suspicious. What about Tartaria supports the light/dark paradigm? 

In itself, it does not mean that the whole Tartaria theory is wrong. Although some individuals who promoted it very heavily years ago, have turned around and said they found evidence that we did indeed build all those amazing buildings around the world, very quickly and with the technology and craftsmen that lived at the time. 

When this happens, it reminds me a bit of the alien equation. That the alien experience and evidence is real, but when presented in the mass media, it is twisted and turned to support the disempowerment of the people. They use words such as “aerial threat” instead of UFO.

What is it, then, about all these amazing and grand buildings around the world, and the technology and knowledge that was needed to build them at the time, that we have forgotten about? The algorithm supports the theory that it was all built by a previous civilization, not ours, who were very advanced and then died from something that covered most of the Earth in mud. 

That part, a city covered in mud, we have seen. As we traveled through Europe, we saw lots of cities that had a “lower level” where a previous city had existed and was now covered in mud. Or the new city had just been built above the old one to avoid floods. We can find that in the USA too, Old Sacramento, a place that is built on top of a previous city, and there are some areas where one can still walk down to the old streets and buildings below. The story is that they did a city above the other one as the river would often flood.

Rome also has some areas that are dig sites which have revealed a previous city. And more than once we asked the tour guides, or the internet, about the origin of a particular building, usually buildings that don’t quite fit in, and the people didn’t know that part of the story. They only knew of when it was claimed or restored, altered in some way or dedicated to a person or other. But what about their origin? Larry and I got curious because these buildings were different from the rest. 

And the grand cathedrals all over Europe are said to have taken hundreds or even over a thousand years to complete, at the same time that most people around the world were said to be living in the most primitive of conditions. Including those in Rome.

My conclusion from looking at this fascinating topic is that there certainly does seem to be a different history attached to our cities and structures, such as the pyramids, around the world. But the Tartaria story is not quite accurate. 

By becoming aware of the disparity between the evidence and official history for the West, we begin to open up to other possibilities of what may really be our past. “Who controls our past controls the future,” said Orwell. I think he also said something in the nature of, “if you tell a lie big enough, people will believe it.”

We are in a hall of mirrors, as far as our history is concerned. Let’s start breaking out of it. Let’s begin this discussion in our lives, with the people around us. Let’s do it in an open and inquiring way, a way that encourages information to be revealed. Let’s do that and then revisit what we have discovered. Post what you find out in our Telegram group here.

Inelia Benz

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