That is not the game for a Brilliance of Lightworkers

Discernment is a skill we really need to strengthen. 

Larry and I were listening to a podcast recently where both the interviewer and the interviewee talked about having a very strong BS (bullshit) meter. 

Half way through the interview, they came to head about a man who one of them believed to be a total BSer and the other thought was the bee’s knees.

The interviewer and interviewee were both men of deep learning, research, awake, aware and able to discern the narratives being promoted on Earth right now, and yet, they have conflicting BS meters. What for one of them is BS, for the other is the undeniable truth.

We also received a newsletter from someone who, although awake and aware, dropped his light-work to become an advisor to a well known presidential candidate.

There are multiple examples of this happening all around us. One of the biggest shocks I get when I go to the health food store is that even at a farm store that is primarily organic local grown veggies, selling homeopathic and other alternative medicines, that only gets its meat from humanely raised and butchered animals, and fully supporting the local economy, a majority of the customers and staff are still wearing masks and standing behind plexiglass shields.

The other day I heard that one of my brother-in-law’s brothers had died. I asked which one, he has many brothers. When I heard the name, I could not believe it. Not only was he one of the youngest of the brothers but he was one of the nicest people on Earth. If a family was to have a Golden Child, then that was him. This is sad enough, but when I heard the cause of death, I could see the righteous energies rising within me. The cause is a well known side effect of the Covid 19 vaccines in all their variations. 

And here is my question for us to ponder on: The above situations that I have described. Are they our business? Is it our business to contact the podcast interviewer, and even the interviewee, and set them right in their differences? Is it our job to talk to the clever guy who decided to drop his light-work to become “influential” in politics? Is it our job to talk to the people in the supermarket and educate them about the health consequences of wearing masks and functioning from fear? Is it our job to get upset and go to war with the jab companies and governments because they are killing good innocent people?

Well, for the majority of us, the answer is a resounding “no”.  No matter the temptation, no matter how right we are, no matter how low and easy the fruit to pick, no.

Sometimes it is harsh and difficult to stay on our game, even callous. The game for the Brilliance (group) of Lightworkers is one of inspiration, collaboration, growth and discernment.  The examples above are designed for us to fall into righteousness, anger, frustration and despondency. The examples above are about lightworkers who chose a different path. They chose the path of light/dark. They chose a world that still has darkness in it.  For them to save, fix, rally against, rally around, influence and be influenced by.

We didn’t. Our path is different.

We still walk in a shared reality with people who have chosen the light/dark reality because we all chose to split this reality in a slow and less traumatic way. And sometimes, oftentimes, we are dragged back into their side of reality construction because of “righteousness” or entering the dynamic of “victim/aggressor/savior/martyr”. 

Whenever I have said the above things, and I have done so multiple of times, inevitably someone reads “we should do nothing, just be passive and allow them to destroy our people, our world and all that is good on Earth.” But that is not what I have been saying. On the contrary, I have been expounding the most efficient and effective way forward for us to achieve our goals as a Brilliance of Lightworkers. What I have been saying is that if we enter politics, or righteousness, or try to save those who don’t want saving, our energies are not just wasted, but are actually feeding the dark side of the light/dark paradigm.

Our energies are better spent on something else right now:

  1. Educating ourselves on what social narratives are, and the discernment thereof.
  2. Expanding our awareness beyond the topics promoted by social media.
  3. Learning how to influence our reality without stepping on the toes of those who don’t want our reality.
  4. Realize that when we take sides in a well advertised world or national conflict, we have lost our way.
  5. Spend our days creating new structures, organizations and groups that support our vision, not trying to destroy those that we don’t agree with.
  6. Realize that other people’s higher selves know better than we do what their true path is.
  7. Standing strong in our light and not letting distractions or others push or pull us out of it.

That is the way.


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