The Global Meditation and a new podcast episode

On April 4th/5th (depending where you live), there was a world wide meditation with the intent to bring forth the light paradigm and drop the negative one.

I sent out an invitation to join this global intent using a guided meditation called “The Unified Field”.

Reports are coming back from people who joined the intent using this particular meditation and so far the reports are pretty awesome.  A sense of peace, huge field of love, light and joy, a release of limitations and also clarity on what the person is here to do were some of the reports we received. 

At a global level, I am still waiting to see what social, economical and physical changes we will create following the global intent. 

It is difficult these days not to write about the coronavirus situation in a newsletter. So, here goes:

I like to look at evidence, follow on sources of information and get as many sides of a story as possible before coming to any conclusions.  Because of this, it sometimes takes time for me to come forward with a formal statement about situations on the planet.

The coronavirus pandemic is a manufactured, fake, false flag situation designed to gain complete control of the population through fear and the armed forces. 

Have you heard of the story of the frog in boiling water? The story goes that if you try to put a live frog into boiling water, it will jump instantly out. However, if you put it in cold water and then slowly heat the water up, it will stay in the water and be boiled to death.

The frog in hot water is a very graphic example, and very accurate to what is happening right now around the planet.  Some countries have been faster and much more suppressive in putting in lockdown laws. With the USA, they are moving slower and more cautiously. The USA has an armed population which means the approach to take away civil rights has to be extremely well thought out.  

It would not surprise me that after making alcohol and drugs illegal here, some States have already outlawed them for the safety of the children and other adults in the homes of alcohol abusers, they bring out a law requiring all citizens to give up their guns.  This will probably follow highly televised shootouts and murders in family homes by unstable men and women. 

And that will be a clincher, if the USA population gives up their guns, we can be sure that an absolute and very obvious dictatorship will follow. 

Some years ago I wrote about the USA being one of the most oppressed countries in the world.  That oppression has been increasing year after year, slowly but surely. More and more civil rights are lost every year. With this artificially induced pandemic, the scale of oppression has reached unprecedented levels. And people are happily complying. 

Not so shocking really.

Artificially induced? You might wonder. Yup, even the USA President, Trump, stated in April 4th 2020 when talking about the coronavirus epidemic, “this was artificially induced, they said close it down, you have to close it down. We closed it down.”

You can’t get a clearer declaration of what is happening in the world than that.

We have to ask “why?” 

Why are we agreeing, as a species, to lose all our civil rights? To drop commuting to work, institutionalized education, religion, sports, alcohol, drugs, pollution, gathering with others, shopping in person, parks, beaches, and free travel.

At this point, it is hard to be upset about what’s happening when we are seeing clean clear skies, unpolluted waterways, billions of hours spent by people commuting now spent at home with their families and pets. 

As we move forward, I perceive what many others are perceiving. A “magical” vaccination, and by the time people come out of their houses, there will be dozens of laws that are newlymade for  fighting the war on “invisible enemies”. 

It is hard not to fall into the victim / aggressor cycle when reading all this, right? Hard to blame, to point the finger and say, “they are doing this!” Even President Trump said, “they said to do it, so we did it.”

But we have to remember that we are here too. We, the people who came here to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet in order to co-create a new paradigm are here because the human collective WANTS a higher frequency experience that excludes “war”.

It is our time to create new systems that work. Educational and work systems that are high frequency and empowering. I said it last October, I told you it was urgent. Here is the link:

Do it.And as a parting note for this newsletter, you’ll be happy to know that our next Driving to the Rez podcast is out!

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