The Hidden History of Earth’s Original Human Body – Sasquatch

Before we get into the topic of Earth’s Original Human Body, we have an announcement. Larry, our tribe and myself will be attending a Sasquatch Summit in Washington state on the 17-19 of November 2023. We will be joining our friend Todd Standing at his booth during the conference. Come and say hi!

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November 17-19, 2023

Now, let’s talk about the hidden history of our origins on Earth.

On the Pacific Northwest of the USA, as well as Canada and many other countries around the world, there have been documented cases of direct contact with creatures which we now know as Sasquatch, or Bigfoot.  We can think of Sasquatch as the original human body design for what we call Earth. Much like a wolf or a bear or an elk.  They are capable and able of living where they are without any need for special shelter, clothes, or even exotic food supplements. Unlike all humans from recorded history who will die from exposure without those things.

Accounts of bigfoot encounters in Western society can be found in periodicals, reports and books from colonial times to the present. Older reports name them “wild men”, “hairy men”, “forest dweller”, “monkey men”, and other similar words. Present reports and research prefer the words “Sasquatch” or “Bigfoot”. For ease of communication, I will use the word “Sasquatch” to name them from now on in this article.

Image by Todd Standing.

Here, in the Pacific Northwest, there is a long and rich tradition of connection with, trading and exchange with what are now commonly named the Sasquatch Tribe.

“They are our cousins. We used to trade medicine with them.” Said Makah Elder Deanna, Larry’s mother when she saw the image from Todd Standing’s documentary “Discovering Bigfoot.”  She also said “Wow, that’s the first picture I’ve seen that looks exactly like what me and Julie saw last week by the side of the road. That’s a Sasquach.”

One time, Deanna, Larry, myself and our kids were walking back from a hike in the woods behind the Shamanshack and we smelled something odd, unpleasant, unidentifiable. Without prompting, she stopped and said, “smell that? That’s El-Ish-kas, a Sasquach. They make that smell to let you know they are here.”

“What do we do?” I asked.

“We go home. It’s OK, they are just letting us know they are here. Some people get afraid of them, but I don’t. If you don’t want to harm them, they don’t want to harm you.”

We walked the rest of the way home, and the smell went away.

One of the tribes North of us, has an oral history that goes something like this:

The Gods came to the people and offered them souls. When the time came to receive the souls, all the tribes turned up to get them except one tribe. They didn’t turn up and they didn’t get souls and now we call them Sasquatch.”

The Sasquatch cousins were then seen to be less civilized than the rest of the tribes, but still a tribe to trade with. There were also accounts of half human, half sasquatch babies in the area. Babies that “were ugly even by Indian standards” a European settler reported back in the early 1900s. 

When I heard the story of how the Sasquatch tribe had refused to receive souls, I asked them about it. In case you are wondering how I can “talk to Sasquatch”, I use the method I teach in the “Experiential Telepathy Class”.

Long story short, the Sasquatch told me that souls, in their view, were like an infection. People with souls became physically and mentally weak, unable to live and survive in the environment without clothes or shelter. They then started destroying the environment, forgetting their role in it, and also started killing each other, stealing people, animals and land from each other, enslaving and exploiting each other and simply becoming cruel and evil. And this was before the Europeans arrived in the USA.

They told me that they prefer to stay hidden from human society these days because “they don’t want to get infected”. 

They do, however, sometimes marry or mate with humans. When I asked them about this, they told me it was to keep a connection with the rest of us. As long as there is a connection, we are not totally lost.

I received the above information without judgment. It is a way to interpret what happened and why they don’t have open trading and meetings with the tribes here anymore. 

There are people in the world who they are highly connected with and like. These people will often have physical encounters with them.

“If I forget to leave them treats outside of the trailer, they bang on the walls and shake the trailer in the middle of the night, to wake me up. I get up, get some treats and bring them out to them.” A local Makah woman told us.

We will explore this topic in great detail on our Podcast, make sure to listen to the second hour at Subscribestar and don’t forget to come and visit with us at the Sasquatch Conference on the 17-19 of November 2023.

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